World Weather Online Review

World Weather Online Review

I am writing this article to share my experience in developing few websites for which I required free weather. And in search of free weather I found some very interesting and a lot of useless websites. I was also surprised to see that many big players in the weather industry are not ready to let go the substantial amount of weather content for free.

Here I am going to share my experience about one of the weather website which I have used and would highly recommend to other developers or webmasters who are in search for free weather data feed either in XML or CSV format. The website name is World Weather Online.

According to the description on its website the World Weather Online states, “World Weather Online is a website dedicated to provide quality and reliable 5 day holiday weather forecast for individuals, website owners or webmasters and businesses for absolutely FREE. The forecast is delivered in simple to use formats like XML and CSV. The weather feed is delivered via our Weather API which enables the developer to create web request to get weather forecast for a location via. Postcode, Zipcode or by using Latitude and Longitude.”

I have found it really generous in giving quality free weather for up to 5 days, in 2 formats XML and CSV. If you compare that to Yahoo Weather you will see that Yahoo Weather provides only 2 day RSS Feed with very minimal weather information and that too either through Zip Code or through the location id, which you have to find from the url on their weather website (which I find really useless). Whereas the World Weather Online provides the weather by postcode, zipcode and latitude and longitude. It delivers weather via Get request using an API Key for which you need to register. The registration process is very quick and easy. You simply need to verify your email and in a minute you will have your unique API Key with which you can start retrieving weather. They have also provided a section on their website titled “Weather Feed API Request Builder” to test and learn on how to create web request, what parameters are required and they have even provided with the weather condition codes for download in xml and tab format, which lets the user to use their own weather symbols or could use the weather symbol provided by them through the image url in the feed returned. There is even a sample project with source code for Microsoft .Net Developer to test the system.

In providing the information for free they do ask for a link back from a website which you need to provide while registering for API Key. I think that’s a reasonable request as they need to promote their website. But I am sure if you don’t have a website and you request them by emailing to exempt you they might do so. It is better to ask! The support is via email and they are quick in answering any queries you have.

Recently, they have refurbished their website and also added approximately 2 million world cities and town weather information. They plan to allow the city and town search through their API in the near future.

Overall I would say it is the best weather website I have found in terms of quality, support, content and delivery method. If any of you have used this website then please do share your experience with me.

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