Must See! Unbelievable Geophysical and Astronomical Events Plaguing the Earth ~ October 2012! PROOF of the “Signs of the Times” ~ Proof that the End Days are…
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This visualization is composed of imagery taken by the geostationary satellites of EUMETSAT, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) an…


  • Renee M says:

    One of the best vlogs

  • MrElectric1015 says:

    They are manipulating the weather with HAARP….NWO isn’t god

  • CyphersignaL says:

    Ok, so you believe God is sending signs by killing people off with weather
    he created…and your plan is to FOLLOW this God? HAHAHAHAHA, no thanks
    bro. You’ve got a long ways to go. First step: drop your attachment to evil
    gods that require cognitive dissonance in order to have belief in them.

  • suzyq1948 says:

    Not true. Jesus said if we believe in Him, we are already saved. Since the
    OT says how to treat your slaves, does that mean I can own a slave? Can I
    own an American? I stopped reading the OT at a spot where a father lost his
    wife and his 2 daughters slept with him so he could produce more
    children…A BIG YUK! My God is not jealous, vengeful, but a Perfect
    Father. Jesus cleared that up so He Himself was contradicting the OT.

  • Christian C. says:

    Could always just be scalar attacks from Russia

  • MinisterQuietBuck says:

    HAARP is an electron gun like that found in a CRT, it is part of project
    blue beam. Idea that an electron gun changes weather, does quakes is
    disinfo. Remember who owns HAARP and realize they are not going to give you
    the truth. Chemtrails are the same as what is inside a CRT. They have
    placed you in a TV set, ready for the show?

  • MinisterQuietBuck says:

    Listen to Messiah, Matt 5:5. If you are not one to inherit the earth (the
    meek), where are you going? Cause the only other place is the lake of fire,
    which is reserved for those who leave, the tares. Remember, New Jerusalem
    comes down to earth.

  • suzyq1948 says:

    John 8:41-44 I (The Father) says: “I have been misrepresented by those who
    don’t know me. 1 John 4:16 I am not distant and angry, but I am the
    complete expression of love. John 17:26 For in Jesus, my love for you is
    revealed. Hebrews 1:3 He is the exact representation of my being. Romans
    8:31 He came to demonstrate that I am for you, not against you. 2
    Corinthians 5:18-19 Jesus died so that you and I (Father) could be

  • hustlin5010 says:

    I can’t wait for the end :)

  • MinisterQuietBuck says:

    To not believe in the OT, is to not believe in Messiah. Being Messiah is
    the Living Word, the OT, made flesh. Who do you think the burning bush is?
    The pillar of fire? Messiah himself without flesh, the right hand of Father
    YHWH. Purpose of life is to follow the commandments, Ecc 12:13. Messiah
    spoke of these commandments as well, Matt 5:19, Matt 19:17. Messiah taught
    and followed the OT, for the NT had not been written. Take to heart 1John

  • Jeela Tagoona says:

    I’m coming all the way up north baker lake Nunavut in the arctic just near
    iqaluit. I think I’ve seen it cause around that time I thought I saw a
    shooting star but I think it cud have been that

  • MinisterQuietBuck says:

    Amos 5:18 Woe unto you that desire the day of YHWH! to what end is it for
    you? the day of YHWH is darkness, and not light.

  • Laurentiu Lary says:

    thank you

  • suzyq1948 says:

    Get a Bible and actually read it, especially Mathiew. Then read the Book of
    Revelations. Not all will understand, but re-reading this Book and putting
    the pieces together with what is going on, it will hit you like a

  • EVGAGTX480 says:

    @hustlin5010 Amen to that brother, I KNOW where i am going when it’s all
    said and done. I just pray more people seek Christ and find TRUTH before
    its too late…

  • suzyq1948 says:

    I agree with you, but the violence is in the Old Testament which I do not
    believe in. I believe that is the part of the Jewish Torah and I don’t read
    it. Just ask yourself “what is our purpose in life”…just to be born, live
    a rotten childhood, then marry a creepy person, work your fingers to the
    bone, then just die? while some are born with a silver spoon in their
    mouth. Nope, don’t buy it. The moral of the 4 gospels is to love one and
    other. Don’t know why some have to make it so complicated.

  • sillybabs says:

    can’t wait to see Novembers video

  • MinisterQuietBuck says:

    Jesus, not the name Messiah told us with his own lips, John 5:43, John
    17:11-12. God, Concordance H1408, a Babylonian deity of fortune. We are
    giving warnings of such things in Deut 8:19, Exodus 23:13. Might want to
    study more, specially being time is short. 1Timothy 4:16

  • suzyq1948 says:

    ran out of characters. Completion: 1 John 4:10 His death was the ultimate
    expression of my love for you. 1 John 2:23 If you receive the gift of my
    son Jesus, you receive me.

  • Jesus Fawgifs says:

    Please do not let them lie to you. This is the truth and they are hiding
    the truth from you, only for you to sin. Turn away from the worlds evil
    activities and walk with Christ. Christ loves you, he is waiting to forgive
    you. Come to him now!!

  • Jeela Tagoona says:

    I think I’m not to sure but cud have it was around the time sry for not all
    the deeds

  • waterandammo says:

    Weve had the loud underground booms that shake the ground in sydney for
    about 2years now ,at 1st i thought i was triping but both my brother and
    wife have felt it

  • hustlin5010 says:

    Lol yeah I know what you mean… I really doubt the world is gonna end…
    But don’t worry it’ll get better… Just think positive

  • ellocoexcalibur says:

    Check this out!!! Dr Ketchum Releases Bigfoot DNA Information. I sent you
    an email on this

  • MinisterQuietBuck says:

    It is true unlearned one, 1Tim 5:1. Belief in the Word, not a man, 1Tim
    4:16. Do you have a car loan, visa card, mortgage? Then you are a slave
    just like scripture. Sadly, the “god” you wish to serve is not that of
    scripture, but your own imagination. Messiah only quoted the OT and told us
    to worship only YHWH the Father, Mark 12:30, Luke 4:8, the Father you do
    not wish to serve. 1John 2:4 He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his
    commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.

  • TheJolyro says:

    Thank you for sharing !!!

  • MagicalRavens1 says:

    Thank you :) Namaste ‘ ♥

  • sally williams says:

    Beautiful thank you.

  • MJ Rodrigues says:

    Very nice! Thank you :)

  • thomasburman1 says:


  • Royal Wakefield says:

    2014-01-27 – EQFORECASTER – WORLD WEATHER 2013

  • Paul Frey Freyster says:

    Great compilation here sir, thank you for your hard work, professionalism
    and due diligence.Peace from Minnesota

  • EQForecaster says:
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