Weather World: Photographing the Global Spectacle Reviews

Weather World: Photographing the Global Spectacle

“Weather World” uses high-impact photography to visually celebrate the diversity and unpredictability of the weather in all its forms – from the benign beauty of a clear sky to the explosive impact of lightning and hurricanes. This is a fascinating and beautiful collection of photographs, ranging from satellite images of developing fronts and global weather patterns, to ground-based photographs of cloud formations. Also included in this title are optical phenomena such as rainbows, sun pillars a

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Fodor’s World Weather Guide

Do you need a sweater in Barcelona in January? Should you pack an umbrella for Nova Scotia in August?How’s the humidity in Cairo in May?Business travelers and tourists alike know what difference being prepared for weather can make. Now Fodor’s World Weather Guide makes looking up a region’s weather easier than ever. At-a-glance regional weather charts for over 200 countries are easy to read and chock-full of the information you need:monthly average and record temperatures
relative humidit

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  • The Belgo says:

    Review by The Belgo for Fodor’s World Weather Guide
    As a frequent traveler, I find this book to be the most useful book I’ve ever bought. This book gives information on most cities worldwide one might visit, on the climate to expect for a given month. It reports not only on average highs and lows, but also average rainfall volume, amount of sunshine to expect, and degree of discomfort from heat, taking into account humidity factors. Vacationers can use it to pick a good city or island to visit for any given month, minimizing the chance they’ll be bothered by rain or uncomfortable temperatures. Business travelers can use it to know what clothes to bring and whether to bring an umbrella. Don’t plan a trip without consulting it!

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