Universal Studios and Disney World weather?

Question by Girls: Universal Studios and Disney World weather?
That is the weather like in both Universal Studios and Disney World in June , is it to hot? We would be there for about a week

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Answer by secret
its hella hot
last year i went in april

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  • amehi says:

    Its very hot if your not used to it. I have lived in florida all my life until recent so I am used to heat. I have been to Universal and the tourist were all having a hard time dealing with the heat. They sell them spray bottles with fans on them and saw a lot of people using them. Upper 90s is the norm in June there.

  • SW says:

    Let’s start with this: SO SO SO FREAKING HOT.

    I have never gone to Universal myself, but since it is extremely close to WDW, I am pretty sure it is about the same with weather and packing.

    I have gone to Disney almost every time of year, and even in Winter, it is still HOT. And even in July, it can actually rain. But don’t worry about snow, the worst at Disney for me was thunder and lightning.

    I personally suggest to bring a variety of clothes, and that is possible even if you like packing light like myself. All you need is tees and tanks for hot (pretty much all) days, bring LOTS of those if possible. Bring a long sleeve shirt, plus like 2 capris for cooler days and maybe a pair of pants, but don’t fuss over these if you are visiting during the summer, but bring just in case. Also, a sweatshirt is perfect, and a thicker jacket of you are going in Winter or Fall, but you can bring one for summer anyway…if you choose to. So, it all depends on when you are going. Summer, you might not need a thick winter jacket, but in December, I was stuck with a ridiculous Pooh one from the local gift shop. :)

    But overall, it is HOT HOT HOT. I do stress on shorts and t-shirts, crocs, flip flops, and sneakers.

    Hope this helped, and have an awesome and magical trip :)

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