Extreme World Weather: Natural Disasters Linked

From mudslides in China to flood ravaged Pakistan, the planet seems to be having a climate breakdown. Scientists say floods, fires and heat aren’t just a portent of things to come but a sign of troubling climate change already under way. (August 12)
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A World Weather Watch segment from The Weather Channel during an April 2001 airing of Weekend Now. Watch for graphics and an OCM from The Weather Channel Latin America, which was still on the air at the time. All rights acknowledged.

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  • mispistoleros says:

    this could also be part of a natural pattern of sunspot activity. a brit scientist said that sunspot activity reaches a climax every 132 yrs, that if you match that 132yr cycle to a weather history map, you’ll find these types of climactic disturbances line up neatly.
    i don’t count out a “nibiru” scenario. human activity is definitely playing havoc on the environment and is affecting climate but i don’t think the earth’s warming is related. pollution is man-made but not global warming.

  • Amaxander says:

    @xXBurningSpiritXx Do we accept George Clooneys as payment?

  • xXBurningSpiritXx says:

    @Amaxander Chuck Norris.

  • Tressco says:

    If we pay enough carbon tax we can go on poisoning water, air & soil with cancerous oil derivatives…vote for Agenda 21 and hold your breath, please! Thank you!

  • Amaxander says:

    @xXBurningSpiritXx who do we tax when a volcano goes off??

  • cj3022yugioh says:


  • Amunet369 says:

    i can only pray for total destruction….

  • xXBurningSpiritXx says:

    We had better tax Russia for all the carbon dioxide that forest fire has put into the atmosphere.

  • hypnofan35 says:

    It’s actually difficult to watch the world “going to hell” as the net result of civilization. It looks like that is what may well be happening. In the redounding nature of the famous words of Arlen Specter: “Wait a Minute, Wait a Minute, Wait a Minute, Wait a Minute,! Calm down and maybe things can start getting better. Can’t we all just get along? R King. Money’s on the side of money, Status is on the side of status. Hence we go forward to hell.

  • hypnofan35 says:

    @hypnofan35 It just so happens that i have some ideas that (after figuring it out); should already be in use, but apparently suppressed as a point of impasse to a different kind of circumstance. i don’t even know how. The status quo (in its hellish indifference) apparently believes that there is profit in the chaos of hell and not so much in the harmony of heaven. Somehow we have to get ourselves to think in terms other than “gaming” for bigbucks.

  • hypnofan35 says:

    i know what should be done. Tap the world’s intelligence and have people provide ideas. i bet i know why it will never happen. It is counter to the methods of normal organization. The people who decide don’t even want to or know how to fix things. The status quo depends on “impasse” to inferiors and outsiders. It is a weird Satanic social phenomenon, of what happens to people who spend their time in pursuit of self aggrandization.

  • SSArt98 says:

    @HistoryTours Interesting theory!
    I know here in Indiana since February the weather has been very abnormal.Feb brought heavy snows & very cold temp’s then the last part of spring brought high temp’s,high humidity.June was worse, extremely intense storms/lightning,heavy/tropical rain & high humidity.July has been the same,very high humidity,storms settled down a bit.August,same thing extreme humidity,high heat.I’ve never seen such weather here in my 43 years of living.
    Somethings awash..

  • BertGriffin88 says:

    The Republican Bush&Dick TeaBagging Bonerheads say that their Intelligent Design, based in their Biblical misunderstandings of some King’s James concocted drival to get & kill yet another wife, does not support NOAA’s scientific assessment. The Republican Religious Right Bush&Dick TeaBagging Bonerheads didn’t listen to Gore, or any of the Thousands of scientist sounding the Global Warning alarm. So now we must all pay for their stupidity. Global Burning/Global Drowning/Global Freezing are here.

  • HerrSpieldose says:

    Mother Nature has PMS!

  • GravDiga says:

    @IlluminatiSeer maybe

  • GravDiga says:

    @IlluminatiSeer Unlikely.

  • believersunderground says:

    it’s post glacial rebound fresh water freezes at 32 salt water 28 this means super storms lightning. earthquakes from this heavy wieght in the ocean. the ocean is sinking oil rigs and islands are sinking with them. scott (BUG)

  • IlluminatiSeer says:

    And chemtrails

  • IlluminatiSeer says:

    Haarp !

  • vinizz11 says:


  • romeosevendelta says:

    Pakistan deserved it.

  • VexZeez says:

    This year we had a deadly earthquake in Haiti and a huge earthquake in Chile. Maybe 2010 will be one of the deadliest years for natural disasters. All these are signs of the Second Coming being soon.

    I guess we’ll be seeing Al Gore peddling the Global Warming hoax and how humanity is in danger of rising sea levels and polar bears drowning because they’re bad swimmers. >_>

  • ChaosButterfly8 says:

    @EvesUnderground yes, ionospheric change.

  • HistoryTours says:

    the weather started going nuts right after NASA bombed the moon looking for water

  • LarsSeprest says:

    It’s colder than average in the southern hemisphere (on average)

  • weatherfanaticHD2008 says:

    yes she is.

  • TWCFanChris says:

    Isn’t Katrina Voss now at The AccuWeather Channel?

  • Intelliguy says:

    I miss those days. I distinctly remember Weather or Not.

  • tylert120 says:

    I don’t ever remember seeing this segment!

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