Question by Ashlee J: WEATHEr!!!!!!!!!?
OMG…IT IS THUNDER AND LIGHTENING is really scary..All I can hear is big roars…rain…and see lightening..We never get it here and this is like the first time we have had it this bad!!! I live in Or. and I can like see the lighteneing, it is so close to the ground! Any advice how to not freak out, I am worried for my well not my real sis but ne ways she is driving in this!!
I stood outside for 30 sec. okay maybe a minute, and I am soaked from head to toes, and I was rolling up the car window!

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Answer by Sarah
When I was a kid my mom told me that thuder was Angels playing bowling and anytime they got a strike lighting was to celebrate. It made me feel better because I would jump up and down and cheer when lightning would strike and know it is still cool to like of it that way. Or if you’ve every read twilight it is just a bunch of Vampiers playing baseball. =) Good luck.

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