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Please help me with these science questions that im stuck on?
It’s about weather.

The less mass in a given volume of air, the

a. more the air weighs
b. greater the air pressure
c. more dense the air.
d. less dense the air

An aneroid barometer is different from a mercury barometer in that it

a. measures temperature
b. uses alcohol instead of mercury
c. does not contain a liquid
d provides readings that increase as air pressure increases

The air pressure acting on the roof of your house

a. comes from the air within a few feet of your rooftop
b. is much greater on top of the roof than below it
c. comes from all the air above your roof
d. is much greater under neath your roof than on top of it


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Answer by Zack P
1.) would i believe be (b)
2.)would be i belive (b)
3.)would be i belive (c)

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