S0 News February 17, 2014: Weather, Spaceweather, Quake Review

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  • Suspicious0bservers says:

    Thunderstruck by your intelligence. The messages coming in recognizing the
    merit of the 12 second metaphor here
    http://www.suspicious0bservers.org/selections-from-the-1st-ipcc-full-report-wg1/are far more impressive than the webpage itself. And it’s not a bad page if
    I say so myself.

  • Jerry Estrada says:

    6.7 Caribbean ocean…near Martinique Island

  • Lilybystarlight says:

    Loved seeing you on TBP, have been working too much to stay on top of
    everything lately, but always appreciate what you and everyone does to keep
    us in the know of what we NEED to know. the big f*ing picture of how all
    is interconnected….I’ll go on a drunken rant if I continue. Ben….s0,
    I’m really rooting for you man and everyone in your corner <3<3

  • styzor says:

    really enjoy these vids very cool chan

  • Cosima says:

    Sing along…”Oklahoma is the place to be…”

  • Ron Ator says:

    Not sure if this is a silly question or not. Just trying to expand my
    knowledge. Why do the sun spots all seem to be located in or close to the
    sun’s equator? Do we even know?

  • Charlie Dallimore says:

    Blue sky until noon in central Ontario. Then the plains started to spray!!!
    At one point they left a satanist symbol. The ‘A’ without the circle around
    it. Nice and bold I would say. 

  • Hook Echo says:

    *NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center*
    Forecast Discussion
    Issued: 2014 Feb 18 0030 UTC

    *Solar Activity*
    .24 hr Summary…
    Solar activity was low. Region 1977 (S10W16, Eac/beta-gamma) produced
    the largest flare of the period, a C6/Sf at 17/0304 UTC, as well as a
    couple optical subflares. It showed gradual spot growth and mixed
    polarities in the southwest quadrant of the region. Region 1974 (S13W80,
    Fkc/beta-gamma-delta) remained the most prominent region on the disk, in
    terms of size and complexity, but was fairly inactive as it approached
    the west limb. New region 1981 (S06E59, Dao/beta) emerged early in the
    period and produced frequent optical subflares. New Region 1982 (S11E70,
    Dai/beta) also produced frequent optical subflares as it rotated into
    view to the southeast of Region 1981. Both regions were too close to the
    east limb for accurate analysis. A prominence, centered near N02W85,
    erupted from the west limb during 17/0500 – 0600 UTC and was associated
    with a Type II sweep (estimated shock velocity 776 km/s) and a
    non-Earth-directed coronal mass ejection (CME). There were no
    Earth-directed CMEs detected during the period.
    Solar activity is likely to be moderate (R1-R2, Minor-Moderate) on Feb
    18. Activity is expected to decrease to low levels during Feb 19 – 20,
    with a chance for M-class flares (R1-R2, Minor-Moderate), once Region
    1947 departs the west limb early on Feb 19.

    *Energetic Particle*
    .24 hr Summary…
    The greater than 2 MeV electron flux at geosynchronous orbit was at
    normal levels. The greater than 10 MeV proton flux at geosynchronous
    orbit was at background levels.
    The greater than 2 MeV electron flux at geosynchronous orbit is expected
    to be at normal levels during Feb 18 – 20. The greater than 10 MeV
    proton flux at geosynchronous orbit is expected to be at background
    levels during Feb 18 – 20.

    *Solar Wind*
    .24 hr Summary…
    Data from the Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) spacecraft indicated
    nominal solar wind conditions. Wind speed ranged from 345 to 442 km/s.
    IMF Bt (total field intensity) was in the 2 to 7 nT range. The Bz
    component of the IMF was variable in the 5 to -3 nT range. IMF phi
    readings indicated a negative-polarity (toward) solar-sector orientation
    during most of the period.
    Nominal solar wind conditions are expected to continue through the
    forecast period (Feb 18 – 20).

    .24 hr Summary…
    The geomagnetic field was quiet with an isolated period of unsettled
    conditions during the 17/2100-2400 UTC synoptic period.
    The geomagnetic field is expected to be at quiet levels during Feb 18 –

  • timw1959 says:

    You are the Man my friend!!

  • sharon b says:

    Good morning Ben, thanks for the news, Now has the sun done its flip or is
    it still in the process? 

  • Aunty Keli says:

    WOAH!! Did you see that HUGE tornado at the 2 o’clock area at the end of
    the video??? How big is that thing anyway? Does anyone know?

  • Cwshty griff says:

    Just wanted to share this with you Ben. Maverick star man blocked me today
    after I told one of subs that he was telling lies on his video. “He was
    too” ,the guy is now charging his subs to watch his uploads £4.99 a month.
    I knew he was more about making money ,than giving out correct info.
    Weather much calmer here in the uk today thank you for giving us the
    correct weather. :-)

  • L30p4rd73 says:

    Just wanted to say thanks S0. Been watching your channel a while now and
    you bring us the news for free daily without break. Thank you !

  • Haxxor Soniq says:

    I’m missing *’Full Spectrum Survival’s’ News in 2 minutes*?

    Can anyone here please hook me up with an alternative new channel?

  • alpinedz13 says:

    Ok. That’s what I thought too, but in the video SO implies that the
    magnetic field opened up last night and triggered an earthquake (same
    night?) I’m still learning about all of this and just looking for a little
    more explanation… 

  • Dezmond Wega says:

    Great Info – Thanks = Shalom >

  • Tenacious Dmitchell says:

    Why do you not say something as to why some contrails turn in to clouds? I
    know it is part of a world wide program to slow global worming. 

  • Olivia Boyer says:

    Western Colorado has clear skies, 33 degrees now and headed to mid 50s.
    High chance of geoengineering, unfortunately. Will be nice to see the sun
    for awhile. Venus was brilliant early this morning and last night Jupiter
    put on quite the show. Amazing!


  • Styx Candowithout says:

    Good morning/evening all.
    Something to share, although ‘off topic’ for most of yous probably, not
    imo.. On the 7th of February, a group of 200 African refugees jumped the
    high security fence at the Spanish border in Melilla, Ceuta. They were shot
    at by the border police, in an attempt to drive them back. About 50 ppl
    managed to cross and escape. Others retrieved or jumped into the water to
    flee (the bullets?), unknown how many drowned, 14 were killed. Now bodies
    are washing up ashore in Spain.. Every yr, hundreds of ppl drown in an
    attempt to get for their families and themselves a better future. In the
    Mediterrainian, the Atlantic and the Danube-river, which is the natural
    border to the east of Europe. If climate change, next to the yoke of global
    economy, will cause more ppl to flee their homes and try in our countries,
    and we allow them to drown or be shot at our borders, what does that make
    of us? Seriously?

  • MrRedNeckParadise says:

    Heh. I remember when anyone who thought that Mars had water was considered
    to be a nutcase. The science was ‘settled.’

  • jackie horn says:

    Not to change the subject but what is this story of this asteroid heading
    to earth the size of three football fields what is the real story here

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