Q&A: Best Weather Software Download?

Question by Cody Hudgins: Best Weather Software Download?
I am looking for some free weather software downloads, mainly looking for radar software’s that have all features like velocity and all that like weather channel and many others use…

Any Suggestions and Links?

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Answer by McMuffin
none that are like that are free, you have to pay for them.
One of the best ones people use are grlevelx and radar scope.

Radar scope is an app for iphone/ipad/android and macs. It isn’t a free app as it costs .99 for iphone/ipad/android and .99 for macs. This is a one time fee so once you buy it it’s yours for life.


Grlevelx is software that you use on your desktop or laptop. This software is what you see many of the pros use like storm chasers and even on the weather channel. But it isn’t cheap. There are 3 types of software grlvel2 grlevel3 and grlevel2 analyst. The cost is about .99 for grl2 and grl3. the last one is like 0 which is why not a lot of people use it. This is a one time fee so no monthly or yearly charges. Yes this is expensive but it’s the best when it comes to tracking storms and the ability to zoom in and customize radar. You do get a 21 day free trial so you can download each one and use for free for 21 days (3 of them so if you use them right after each other it can last you 63 days) the trials do not require a credit card so it’s pretty neat to play with them. http://www.grlevelx.com

These arent software but they do just as good.
For free radar you are left with wunderground radar. You can zoom in and use all the products like VIL, velocity, and reflectivity. Not the best but it does the job. Just select your radar from the map http://www.wunderground.com/radar/map.asp

Another free radar that you can find online is from the college of dupage storm lab. You can view high def radar with all the products and you can loop back to 200 frames. http://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/

and of course, you have NWS radar website. Just click on your location and you’ll get the closest radar site: http://www.weather.gov/Radar

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