F5Data Weather Forecast Software Tutorial: Severe Weather Forecast

A tutorial of the weather forecasting software; F5 found at www.f5data.com. This tutorial shows an example of how to operationally use the software to generate a severe weather forecast. I use my own conceptual model for forecasting severe weather to attempt a forecast valid April 28th, 2009.

3 Responses to “F5Data Weather Forecast Software Tutorial: Severe Weather Forecast”

  • 1AppleMaker says:

    @1AppleMaker forget it! fuck this program!

    it’s hard to use, not easy to understand and is pain in the g*damn ass!

    it would very useful if f5 could make it simpler and stuff their mouth with their own terd!

  • 1AppleMaker says:

    How do I display the values on the map like yours? And yes, the Show Value Label is selected by default .!

  • manufan08080808 says:

    Thankyou. Please can you do a tutorial on how to make and edit a News Programe. Thanks. :-)

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