What are some discoveries made from weather satellites?

Question by Proud Aunty At 14!: What are some discoveries made from weather satellites?

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Answer by wyckster
The weather?

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  • John T says:

    a few weeks ago, they tested a machine called “The LHC”. It is 17 miles long and 12 miles high, underground. What it does is shoots atoms and molecules into each other as fast as the speed of light. There is a 15% chance that it could cause a black hole and kill us all. There’s a 5% chance that it could knock Earth back on it’s axis. But they turned it off because it caused cold spots around the globe. Northern California was 32 degrees and Southern California was 82. The last time they ran it was in 2004 and it cause a bunch of natural disasters. “Large Hardon Collider” or just “Collider” if you want to check into it. They’re running it again in 2009.

  • Tina L says:

    that’s not what they’re for.

    scintists were startled at the appearance of teh earth and clouds from high-altitude rocket launches. they realized they could use the pictures to predict the weather. so they made weather satellites and launched them. it’s really cool.

  • phred01 says:

    Weather satellites give a birds eye view of weather patterns on a grand scale. With ground truthing one can make estimates of rainfall in areas were there a no rain gauges. Hurricanes and cyclones can be detected as they develop out at sea and tracked before they come in the range of weather radars. Another weather satellites is remote sensing. Things like air pollutants can be tracked and estimated

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