Weather Satellite Reception Building a double-crossed-dipoles aerial and receiving weather satellite images with my Kenwood R-5000 with VC-20 VHF add-on. The software for HF Fax at the beginning is WXSat, and the satellite decoding is done with APTDecoder. The aerial I use is from articles by Jerry Martes (Google it).
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2E0HTS using Radio equipment to track and recieve images from Satellites of weather images and the Earth.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Hanglands says:

    Hi, Thanks for the comment. Indeed, the filters were a bit on the narrow side for this purpose, but this was just an initial experiment done on the cheap. Some months later I built a better antenna of the same design and accquired an R2FX to use instead. At the present time I’m looking at making a third incarnation of this antenna. Thanks again.

  • XL290 says:

    Nice job on the antenna, suggest adding a pre-amp. The imagery output sounds like the R-5000’s bandwidth filter is cutting off part of the output. Need to have a 30kHz bandwidth filter in place to maximize the image quality.

  • fredintheshed1 says:

    Enjoyed the video. Very well done.

  • coondogtheman1234 says:

    I’m trying to do this. I have a radio that can pick these up and it’s not a scanner but I need the right software. I have WXtoIMG but I can’t get it to display right. also my radio seems to have out of phase audio from the headphone jack supposedly to simulate stereo would this affect receiving of images? And where can I download APTDecoder for windows?

  • uksniper1 says:

    Hi mate,and may i first say happy christmas and a happy new year!!..ok im still decoding sats too,,but mostly fax as i have had no luck building qth,or dcd antennas,,,so i was wondering if you could make these antennas to sell?,,id defo buy one off you mate,,as im getting desperate now,may sound a bit odd lol,,but i realy need a good antenna to carry on with the hobby now..i look forward to your reply,,all the best,,wayne.

  • Hanglands says:

    Hi thanks for commenting. Well, Im on version three of this aerial now – basically the same as the one here, but with 20mm instead of 30mm pipe, and cheap telescopic antenna instead of the copper pipe. Works well. You could build a loft mounted QFH if getting an outside twig is a problem.

  • JohnnyX50 says:

    Dude, that is fantastic! I really want to build one of those crossed dipoles myself, but space at my house is limited. Excellent improvement on your old design, much better reception! Well done =]

  • bradmann85 says:

    ive put this sound on my phone after recording it from my scanner and set it to go off on my phone about 30 minutes before the satellite starts to pass just to give me time to set up. havnt gotten a clear image yet but barely got something.

  • Hanglands says:

    Sending you a PM mate.

  • NotAMycologist says:

    This may seem like an amateur-ish question, but could you make a tutorial on how to use the WXSat program? I’m having a bit of trouble figuring it out. :(

  • Bastimon says:

    Great work, keep it up!

  • eyreland says:

    Clever antenna, but what a botheration.

    Have you considered using Fractal Antennas for this?

  • stuntmasterzs says:

    Can you buy something similar that is prebuilt because i am not a very hands on person?

    Many Thanks

  • teamfab says:

    Interesting and very well made Video.
    Keep them coming.

  • Hanglands says:

    Hi, thanks for watching, and for the great comment.
    Yes, there were a few odd looks from the neighbours, and as you can imagine, my wife was slightly apprehensive about having it bolted to the garage wall!
    Thanks again.

  • HobieTyourtube says:

    Wonderful!- your use of “everyday materials “-is a joy!
    What I really love is that you know what you are trying to achieve.
    Great work————keep your videos coming!
    It is “nice “to see that people know about hacksaws and measurements.
    Your neighbours will think ” Little Johnnie is at it again? ”

  • Hanglands says:

    Many thanks.

  • I2782VE says:

    Great video!!

  • Hanglands says:

    Many thanks for watching and commenting 6vDC. Appreciated.

  • squierb4 says:

    Really interesting stuff.

  • miserableoldcunt says:

    thanks for letting me see this first mate, it’s an honour you do me. excellent work, and really fine results there.
    well done mate I’m proud of you.
    cant wait to hear from you proper.

  • 2e0hts says:

    RadioCom 5.2

  • 15sdobbie says:

    What software are you using?

  • 2e0hts says:

    FM try googling NOAA Space Craft and you can see which sats are active and frequency/mode

  • p99qa40 says:

    is it on fm am ssb ?????

  • bben95 says:

    hehe i’m english and didnt understand that either

  • 2e0hts says:

    Thanks, enjoy the bands and hope to hear you soon 73.

  • nanticokerailroad says:

    Simon. Like your videos, very informative. New Ham here. KB3UTY from N.E. Pennsylvania. USA. 73.

  • skyliner288 says:

    Thanks a lot buddy :) subscribed.

  • 2e0hts says:


  • skyliner288 says:

    Sorry for not understanding your accent. What is that program “sat-something” called?

  • micheldezanger says:

    nice results with 857 !!..i get good and clear images when Noaa is passing low under 40° and using my 11el tonna to track it over the horizon…….but when the sat is higher up..signals goes down.and this is normal..i’m about to build a antenna … hesitating between 4Xfolded dipole or quadrifilar helix..any sugestions? 73

  • 2e0hts says:

    a short length would work better as it would be a better matching wavelength. this frequency antenna size wants to be around 2m in length.

    I will do another weather Sat Vid soon ;-)

    73 Thanks!

  • stuntmasterzs says:

    Can you use a longwire antenna to do this and if so can you do a video on how to set one up please?


  • uksniper1 says:

    thanks mate,,ill give it another go,,trying to find sum one to build me a qfh antenna,ive looked at a few plans for one but canna get me head round again mate…wayne.

  • 2e0hts says:

    Hi Wayne,
    Wide is better for WX sats and Narrow for 2m Amateur band. its Radio com 5 software. There is more info at my site and a link on the right hand side. via my channel page.

    Good luck (try turning the volume right down for better pics

  • uksniper1 says:

    hi again lol..can i ask wot the software is your using please,ive got wxsat but it doesnt look as good as yours mate..and i just thought dont need to make a 2m antenna as ive got a ubc 800 bearcat that covers 25to 1300mhz on a disc cone so ill use that instead the band nfm or wfm?,,cant quite see the display..cheers mate,,all the best…wayne.

  • 2e0hts says:

    Cool, Hope you pick me up on the receiver one day!

  • uksniper1 says:

    thanks mate!!,,right im off out to get 1 on the scottish borders and i have a have a dx 394 receiver and 102 foot longwire,,but ill make a basic antenna to pick this up,,thanks again,,i will let you know how i get on,,,cheers!! wayne,

  • 2e0hts says:

    Hi Wayne, yes that’s it. Just make sure that the levels are kept low on rig vol and line in and it works. good luck

  • uksniper1 says:

    hi mate,can i ask how you connect the radio to the computer? it just a simple 3.5mm jack from radio to a 3.5mm jack to soundcard?.thanks for any help,,nice vid by the way too…all the best wayne.

  • 2e0hts says:

    Hello, It is Yaesu FT-857

  • Latrino says:

    What radio model are you using for receive APT Noaa satellites?

  • 2e0hts says:

    Yes, Thats all I use. Good Luck and I look forward to seeing the results!

  • surefirefan says:

    sweet! So i should be able to use my 2m vertical 8.9ft antenna for this? :D

  • 2e0hts says:

    Nice one! let me know what happens next

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