NOAA 18 Weather Satellite Reception With Homemade QFH Antenna In Scotland

NOAA 18 Weather Satellite Reception With Homemade QFH Antenna In Scotland Received on 21st June 2011.

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  • uksniper1 says:

    hi mark,,great vid mate…..i passed my foundation amateur radio licence a
    couple a weeks ago and ive built a 2 meter(145mhz) copper j-pole which gave
    me a half decent image from noaa 15 today here in the Scottish borders,,but
    im looking into building a better antenna for decoding weather sats to be you have any plans of doing a build vid of your qfh antenna you
    made pal?.. take care,,,atb…wayne.

  • TehMG says:

    Out of curiosity, what is the IF bandwidth of the scanner you’re using? For
    NOAA APT decoding 34kHz is ideal. I get very clean detailed images with
    30kHz IF bandwidth. Also consider a narrow-band 137MHz pre-amplifier at the
    antenna. Makes a big difference. I am able to receive nice clean and
    detailed noise-free images from about 15 degree elevation through the
    entire pass back down to 15 degrees.

  • hamrad88 says:

    Great capture. What software were you using? Tom

  • MARKGM20877 says:

    @XareSoft Hi the programme for sat tracking was Ham Radio Deluxe

  • MARKGM20877 says:

    @hamrad88 Hi Tom thanks for the comments…the software is JVComm32 I use
    it for HF Fax also….cheers and beers Mark

  • MARKGM20877 says:

    @senderjaeger Thanks Matthias…I have decoded NOAA before but I am getting
    better results this time with the current set-up cheers Mark

  • Duckie4112 says:

    Did you follow any planes while making the QFH? I’d love to build my own,
    but most plans require the bending of copper pipe. I noticed your design
    was made of coax? If you could point me at a nice guide or such it would be
    greatly appreciated! Cheers Josh

  • uksniper1 says:

    oh nearly forgot,,do you use wide or narrow band to decode mate?..cheers
    pal. 73.s wayne.

  • ntmdisco says:

    ahhh that brought back memories of hearing that familiar pulse chain signal
    again. i was doing this 25 years ago with a BBC micro and receiver and a
    cross dipole antenna on the roof. back in those days i received NOAA9, NOAA
    10 and meteorsat

  • senderjaeger says:

    Great stuff, Mark! You’re exploring new “territories” in DXing… very
    interesting indeed. Cheers Matthias

  • MARKGM20877 says:

    @Duckie4112 This is the version i constructed and use …type in google QFH
    and look for the site by G4ILO..cheers Mark

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