Where can I find old weather reports?

Question by Joe Joe Dancer: Where can I find old weather reports?
Back in 1989-90 I lived in Newport Oregeon on the coast. There was a storm that hit with over 100mph winds. The worse I have ever been in. I would like to find info on this storm.

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Answer by XCALIBUR
You can go to Weather sites, lmao, lol.

A Perfect Storm hey? lol.



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  • Hanula says:

    For past weather (as well as daily weather) reports I really like http://www.theweathernetwork.com, but they only go back about 7 years.

    To find ANY storm in the past, try this link http://www4.ncdc.noaa.gov/cgi-win/wwcgi.dll?wwevent~storms and scroll down to Oregon, click Continue. Then in the table, enter the beginning and end of the time period you want to search and any other information that you remember (about the time and exact place (county) of the storm). When finished, click “list storms”.

    I tried to enter the period you mentioned – 1989-1990 (Jan-Dec.) and the biggest storms occurred in Klamath, Umatilla, Hood River and Harney with speed of winds 63, 55, 53 and 55kts (knots per hour) respectively, which is around 70mph.

    There were also a couple of F1 tornadoes (F1 means 73-112 mph (63-97 kt)) during that period, one in Deschutes and the other one in Lane.

    I am not familiar with Oregon’s county names, but you can go to that website and enter more details. If you remember in which month this storm happened, you might be able to pinpoint the right storm.

    Hope this helps


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