Weather Report – Mysterious Traveller

Review by Scott Yanow: Weather Report’s fourth recording finds Wayne Shorter (on soprano and tenor) taking a lesser role as Joe Zawinul begins to really domi…
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Forecasters are predicting that more stormy weather is brewing in the Atlantic and heading for western Europe’s shores. In Devon in southwest England a main …

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  • Adams Cardozo says:


  • Scott Mayfield says:

    acan’t wait to cover this tune this year; sweet transcendent modalities! :)

  • wbiro says:

    When it came out, it was the first Weather Report piece I heard – on a Rock
    station. Mind-blowing. Still my favorite.

  • Jim Yost says:

    The powers that be have seen to it that music on this intellectual level be
    pushed into obscurity, never to be heard again, or heard of again, because
    this kind of music awakens people’s imagination (which is the link between
    the soul and the spirit). They’re trying their level best to dissuade
    people away from anything that even closely resembles the spirit realm.

  • Bob Eero says:

    Hello Mysterious Travellers on G+
    Have a Good Day or Night


  • giampiero loretucci says:

    #FReakRock #Tweetdisco

  • john j says:

    beautiful. combined with Alphonso’s funky bass the damn things soars like
    nothing else. I remember hearing this back when it came out and is still
    just as awesome.

  • oded fried-gaon says:

    what a band!

  • corcovado33 says:

    Very interesting, I am going to listen to it again after an very long time
    without listening it…Sincerly

  • thedreamisme says:

    The piano yelling its presents to the world is telling us something else
    too. Its preparing us for his wind brothers who calm and sooth the soul
    with their subtle whispers in the darkness of the night. A timeless piece.

  • john j says:

    right on ! oh my God…..enough with the jaco stufff…he had nothing to do
    with this….thankfully……..the very best of WR…with ALPHONSO
    JOHNSON…..right through “Black Market’….”The Alphonso Years”…!

  • Narada57 says:

    TRUE!! ,-)

  • Everton Herebert says:

    the track that changed everything back in 1974 music was never the same
    ever again.

  • TheDivine2007 says:

    betting grands with the cee lo champ!!!

  • PeDenBe says:

    Andrew this is a weatherly respons ( uh, report) 310302341042 Over. PeDenBe


    Ahead of their time yes.I am 1:35 se’c into hearing this group for the
    first time 40 sec’s ago lol And if this came out in 1974,their are blatant
    traces of early 1990’s Hip Hop Production/sampling techniques.

  • kundalinipsych says:

    Hear hear.

  • Narada57 says:

    I totally agree,Vitous it’s a great bass player as well as Alphonso
    Johnson,Jaco died, that’s what created the legend.

  • sdushdiu says:

    What is it with the Jaco myopia of so many here? With all due respect,
    there is a QUITE more to WR than merely Jaco!!! Or is it that most of the
    commentators obsessed with Jaco are so simply as they are totally ignorant
    of the others and their substantial contributions??? Why do i suspect that
    that is closer to the truth?….

  • Bill Beran says:

    God, what an incredible band. And when Al Johnson and Chester Thompson got
    locked in–even Miles’s bands couldn’t match them.

  • Charles Holton says:

    “There were two distinct drummers, one of whom was Skip Hadden, who played
    a kind of swing beat against Ishmael Wilburn, who played a straight-ahead
    rock/funk beat. It was the combination of the two drums that came up with
    that pattern. It was too complicated to explain to get one drummer to play
    that way. I think they lucked out because they had the drummers play
    separate, and when they brought the tracks together it worked perfectly. It
    wasn’t like anybody had planned that pattern.” A. Johnson

  • Tim Francis says:

    That’s a truly beautiful sentiment, I’m sure the musicians in the different
    Weather Report bands and fans would appreciate that. So We’re now left with
    the different eras the band wrote and preformed in, and how it changed
    their sound. I don’t think you can compare the creativity and ground
    breaking innovation of their earlier music to what they recorded after the
    early 70s, Go back and listen to Sweet Nighter for one and you’ll see.

  • corcovado33 says:

    I agree with you…but I don’ t see any opposition at all between those two
    great bassists infact, I think Weather Report was in a constantly evolution
    in question of sounds, that why there was some different great periods for
    the band with changement of personal, like used to do it also the Great
    MILES DAVIS from where somewhere, they were all more ol less bounded with
    in term of musical spirit and influences, their music was like a rainbow
    full of colors and a melting pot from so many cultures

  • EUGENE3311 says:

    Mysterious Traveler was my first album of Weather Report 1975 I felted
    enchanted by the music, I was creating painting about Space,Planets,and
    visitors from another dimension,ect..when I heard Nubian sundance on the
    radio (wnew)NY the next day I got the album I remember calling music from
    the future I also played before I got to sleep so I could have dreams about

  • Tim Francis says:

    Fuck you bonehead, what’s a bonehead like you listening to this music for?

  • João Valério Jacinto says:

    Muito importante ! … De olho aberto,nas bruscas e intensa variações do
    tempo. E voce sempre possa se ajudar te,e tornar sua segurança mais
    consistênte .

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