Q&A: What does a weather report need to include?

Question by miniarian: What does a weather report need to include?
What are some critical pieces that must be included in a weather report for it to be informative and succesful?

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Answer by Jim
I grew up with Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Wind Speed, and Not the old Doppler which is wrong more than it is right. Weather people should look out the window at least once a day.

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  • chellchell102 says:

    -temperature high/low
    -percent chance of rain
    -cloudy or sunny
    -forecast of more than one day
    -which way the wind is blowing and how strong it is

  • Antoine F (2) says:

    In general, the current weather conditions and a weather forecast for the future that’s well outlined.

    Depending on the forecaster, time you have for your weather report and the resources needed to create one, you can get as technical as you like (with things such as historic weather events, precipitation amounts, futurecasts, etc.).

  • anat says:

    Most weather reports include the following information, which is usually initially coded in a report called a METAR report (found at airports, METAR is short for Meteorological Aviation Report).

    – Temperature
    – Dew Point (i.e. amount of water vapor in the air)
    – Wind Speed and Direction
    – Precipitation or Current Weather (if any)
    – Cloud Cover and Cloud Heights (if any)
    – Visibility
    – Barometric Pressure

    The weather report may also contain information on precipitation amounts, lightning observed at, near, or at a distance from the station, snow depths, high/low temperatures for the previous six or 24 hours, and times weather (i.e. rain, snow, a thunderstorm, etc.) began and ended since the previous report.

    Hope this helps!

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