Where can I see airplane weather radar (for flying altitude)?

Question by Cowboy of the American West: Where can I see airplane weather radar (for flying altitude)?
I want to see the weather radar that airplane people see (control, faa, etc…)

If there’s no specific airplane website for it, is there a regular weather website for it?

Or, is it just the same as regular radar from the weather channel? What do airtraffic controllers, faa, and the like look for in watching the weather?

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Answer by Trawler
it’s exactly the same you see in teh weather news.

apart from that, there are ACTUAL aicraft weather radars – radars built in the aircraft, to avoid the bad weather along the flight route. the image, again, is similar to that of weather news. one difference is that the onboard radars can tilt up and down, measuring the precipitation tops.
the weather info actually has two parts cut away – you only see a projection on ground with the precipitation levels. however the actual information contains the vertical cut-throughs, too, that are not usually shown in the news.
the aircraft radars show a narrow cut along the tilt plane.

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