when was weather radar invented

Question by jetcutter1965: when was weather radar invented
just wondering when billy bob did not have to call cliff in the next county in order to forecast the weather prior to television

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Answer by Elizabeth H
Radar was NOT invented to detect weather. Among its’ first uses was during World War II. Radar units in England (United Kingdom / Great Britain) were able to get advance warning of Nazi air strikes during the Battle of Britain. They noticed that when it rained the radar screens were covered in a gray haze and planes could not be detected! While scientists tried to get around the problem, weather forecasters quickly saw the advantages of the new invention! Weather radar was born!

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  • Arasan says:

    In 1904,German Christian Hulsmeyer builds a primitive radar system.In 1930s,the development of this radar system occured independently in Britain, France, Germany,the USA and Japan.
    In 1938,a chain of radar detectors to warn of aircraft attack was completed around Britain’s south and east coasts.In the world war, it was used to track enemy’s aircrafts .Later it was gradually developed to track weather systems.

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