weather radar archive?

Question by WeatherNerd: weather radar archive?

I am looking for a detailed radar loop of the Kansas City, MO (or conus) area from earlier today 27/12/08 (in particular from 3-6AM)

I want to look at the bow echo that came through, so basic reflectivity would be OK, but more scientific types, like relative storm motion, would be appreciated(not necessary though)

I know about the 24 hour loop on weather underground, which does not have enough images to sate me.

I also know about the detailed history from the NCDC( ), which has not been updated to reflect this storm as of now.

Any ideas?


Amateur Meteorologist, and Freshman Atmospheric Science Student.

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Answer by physicx
I am not aware of something easy online for this data. I would probably call the EAX office (K.C. NWS) and ask if they know. You will probably want pretty good resolution data which may not be available on wunderground. Their number is:

(816) 540-6021

Ask for the public service desk if someone picks up or the automated system lets you pick that.

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