Does heat lightning show up on a weather radar.?

Question by linette o: Does heat lightning show up on a weather radar.?

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Answer by Joetogo
yes, all forms of lighting show up on many radars!!! lighting is kewl!!!

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  • speedwx says:

    No. Lightning doesn’t show up on radar at all. It does show up on the National Lightning Detection Network and can be graphically overlain on top of radar imagery through special software.

  • patamew says:

    I’m not sure about the weather radar in the Meteorological Centers but the weather radar in an aircraft does not show lightning because it only detects water droplets. The larger the water droplets, the greater the turbulence are.

  • Sunny says:

    Heat lightning is actually cloud to cloud lightning. I believe that the lightning strikes that are detected by radar can only be measured when it is ground to cloud or cloud to ground lightning.

  • weather says:

    Yep. Heat lighting is really just a distant storm on a clear night which is usually rater warm and particuarly humid. Theirfore you would see the storm where the heat lightning is comming from, but the storm could be many miles away.

  • UALog says:

    Radar can not detect lightning. Other types of equipment are used to detect the electrical discharge of lightning in the atmosphere. This type of data are then plotted on a map and are then combined with a radar image. So when we see an image that shows a radar return image with plotted lightning strikes, the lightnings strikes plots are actually added into the radar image by a computer program and was never part of the original radar image.

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