The Roll Of Satellites And How It Effects Our Weather Forecast

The Roll Of Satellites And How It Effects Our Weather Forecast

One of the largest parts of our news programs is the up to date reports they give us about our recent and upcoming weather events.

Usually news shows will highlight the weather at the beginning of a program and later dedicate a whole segment of the broadcast entirely to the weather report. Accurate weather reporting makes some aspects of our lives a whole lot easier.

In the olden days of weather forecasting, when we had cute little weather girls who were not trained meteorologists, all we got was a large map of the country with those funny looking cutouts of a sun, clouds, raindrops or snow flakes. Those reports were not always very accurate either.

Of course we have come a long way since those days. Today almost all news programs use real meteorologist that are expertly trained in weather related issues, along with satellite imaging to show what our coming weather will be.

Satellites play a large part in the way weather is forecast. The images received from them can show not only the clouds that make our weather, but smoke from wildfires, volcanic ash, oil spills, our coastlines, and so much more. These satellite images are used for all kinds of news reporting besides just our weather forecast. They provide us with important news worthy images from all around the world.

We all know what an important part that satellites play in our lives today. They help us to have better television reception, phone service, and our military uses them also.

They help us to take pictures of things deep in space that normally we could never hope to see. With all these added bonuses of having satellite technology, helping to predict our weather is still one of the most important jobs that they do.

There has been much hurricane and tornado activity that has plagued our planet in recent years. As disastrous as they have been, many lives have been spared because we are now able to clearly see where these storm systems are and track them until they eventually play them selves out.

We can see where they originate, how strong they are, and people are able to make them selves ready.

There are many other factors that satellites play an important part in concerning weather and forcasting it. The best part is knowing we have an eye in the sky helping to protect and forcast our future weather conditions.

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