Traditional Weather Stations By Cape Cod Wind And Weather Instruments Installation By KVUSMC

This Is A Video Of Me Installing My Cape Cod Wind Speed Indicator And Wind Direction Indicator Using 11/C combination wire for the Cape Cod Wind & Weather wi…
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11 Responses to “Traditional Weather Stations By Cape Cod Wind And Weather Instruments Installation By KVUSMC”

  • Cyclone Performance Weather Instruments says:

    We have yet to start with video on all the classic weather instruments we
    have here in our collection. Everything one could remember from Wilfrid O.
    White to NOS Taylor Windscopes, including the pre-release before it was
    called the Windscope in the mid to late 1950s. Our specialty is the super
    odd and rare stuff. Feel free to find us on Facebook, we do reviews and
    education of weather instruments and stations. We stick with the U.S. Made
    products. -CPWI

  • mckTXaws101 says:

    How does the Cape Cod’s wind compare with the Vue you have in there. Do you
    ever compare the readings? 

  • Gregg Friedman says:

    I have had my Cape Cod Wind Speed and Wind Direction Indicator since 1974.
    They are great quality instruments which have performed well for almost 40
    years. They even survived thru category 5 Hurricane Andrew. By Gregg L.
    Friedman MD

  • Lucky Strike says:

    Made in America buddy! Steel, aluminum and high quality materials.

  • kvusmc says:

    They Are Very Good Instruments

  • kvusmc says:

    Thanks Chris They Are Neat Weather Gadgets Made For Marine Use And Home
    Don’t You Worry Buddy I fell Off A Couple Of Ladders Pain Hurts LOL Take
    Care Buddy Kenny

  • shartne says:

    That is a well made piece of equipment. It looks very nice too.

  • kvusmc says:

    It Was A Challenge Norm Holy Moly Buddy

  • kvusmc says:

    Thanks Scott They Are Very Nice

  • Justin Case says:

    wow that’s a very nice looking meter. Can’t wait for part 2 Kenny :).
    Carefull on that ladder bro. keep safe. Chris

  • Cyclone Performance Weather Instruments says:

    Truly one of the best companies for reliability performance and longevity.
    We have several in our collection including several from the early 1950s,
    and those work great! We’ll see about posting a video of these in
    operation. Very quality and something very appealing about seeing analog
    dials, stuff that the digital stuff misses out on. -CPWI

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