Chaney Instrument Galileo Thermometer with Glass Ball Barometer

Chaney Instrument Galileo Thermometer with Glass Ball Barometer

  • Cylindrical thermometer with barometer
  • Interprets temperature and weather based on principles of buoyancy and air pressure
  • Colorful, liquid filled spheres descend and ascend with changes in temperature
  • Barometer features the world globe etched in the glass
  • Both Thermometer and barometer are displayed and mounted on a wood base

This handsome unit uses a blend of old and new technology to interpret the weather. The Galileo thermometer is filled with a clear liquid that suspends multiple colored weights. As the liquid within the weights changes temperature their density changes allowing the weights to rise or fall. The lowest weight at the very top of the Galileo reflects the temperature. The glass water barometer indicates changes in the air temperature. A low fluid level in the glass spout generally means fair wea

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5 Responses to “Chaney Instrument Galileo Thermometer with Glass Ball Barometer”

  • L. Belfiore says:

    Review by L. Belfiore for Chaney Instrument Galileo Thermometer with Glass Ball Barometer
    I bought this just to have something cool on my desk, and I love it! It looks great on the corner of my desk, and reminds me of the little bubbling lites that used to be on my Christmas tree when I was a kid.

    I only gave it four stars because it’s obviously not 100% accurate, and the barometer is a little hard to fill. It comes with a syringe and tube to fill it, but the tube takes awhile to thread into the barometer. It also takes three syringes full to get the barometer to a good level.

    Amazon doesn’t give measurements, but the base is about 8″ wide, the Galileo thermometer is about 8″ high as well, and the glass water barometer is almost 7″ high.

  • Joanne M. Garcia says:

    Review by Joanne M. Garcia for Chaney Instrument Galileo Thermometer with Glass Ball Barometer
    I bought this as a birthday present for my fiance and he LOVES it. It looks great on a bookshelf or desk, and is a great conversation starter. I didn’t have any problems filling the barometer (instead of taking the tube out of the barometer to refill, simply take the syringe off the end of the tube). Overall it is a great product, and a very cool design!

  • Nick says:

    Review by Nick for Chaney Instrument Galileo Thermometer with Glass Ball Barometer
    I purchased this item, and the 17″ stand alone thermometer model. I knew nothing about barometers. I knew nothing about Galileo thermometers. I use this model in my living room.

    The weather glass does indeed respond to pressure changes, and does a nice job of predicting foul weather. The thermometer is accurate, easy to read (and interpolate). It only works in a range of 64 thru 80 degrees F, but anything above or below those readings is likely to require I do something with the heating and cooling around my house, so it tells me what I need to know.

    I think this is a great gift for kids interested in science. I have other weather glasses too, but this one comes in combination with a neat, accurate thermometer. I’m not a kid anymore, but I find it fun, as well as useful, myself.

  • Weatherman says:

    Review by Weatherman for Chaney Instrument Galileo Thermometer with Glass Ball Barometer
    Very cool to have on your desk! I would of given it extra stars, but setting up the barometer can be tricky if you do not follow the directions exactly, and you do NEED to have sterile/distilled water along with food coloring (any color but I like blue as shown).

    Also, if you put too much water or not enough water into the barometer, you have to use the syringe and little hose to take the water out. HOLD onto the syringe and hose, DO NOT throw away as you never know when it’ll come into handy again.

    As for the Galilio thermometer, that’s pretty accurate and cool!

    For those real weather geeks out there I say to get the biggest Galilio Thermometer (it’s TWO FEET TALL) and can be purchased through Amazon 3rd party sellers. That one gives you 2 deg temps and is a nice thing to have in an office or desk.

  • Jimmy R. Odom says:

    Review by Jimmy R. Odom for Chaney Instrument Galileo Thermometer with Glass Ball Barometer
    Just to give you and idea who I am, I’ve been a Meterologist in the USAF for 21 years. I bought this as a gift for someone else. It was delivered in only a couple of days, nothing was broken and it works great. I did put black velcro disks from Wal Mart on the bottom of each piece to help avoid tipping and small velvet feet on the bottom to avoid scratching desks. It looks great on the desk or shelf, but you have to be very carefull when moving it, unless you use the velcro. The box it came it was perfect for shipping. I’m going to buy more for my friends and family. Once the liquid stabilized the temp could be read within a degree. The barometer may not tell you what the actural pressure is, but it works and looks cool. The land masses on the globe are not perfect, but you get what you pay for.

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