International Marine’s Weather Predicting Simplified: How to Read Weather Charts and Satellite Images

International Marine’s Weather Predicting Simplified: How to Read Weather Charts and Satellite Images

Weather Predicting Simplified is the first book that shows the reader, with many sample satellite photos and weather maps, how to predict the weather easily and accurately – without having to wait for hours for NOAA updates.

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Forecast: Tomorrow (W/Dvd)

From 1970 to 1985, the jazz-fusion ensemble known as Weather Report reigned supreme as one the most distinguished and indefinable ensembles of the 20th century, and saxophonist Wayne Shorter and keyboardist Joe Zawinul were the cofounders of this ever-changing group. This superb, three-CD, 37-track collection features the band’s incredible cast of musicians: drummers Peter Erksine and Alphonse Mouzon; percussionists Airto Moreira, Alex Acuna, and the late Don Alias; bassists Miroslav Vitous, Alp

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  • Anonymous says:

    Review by for International Marine’s Weather Predicting Simplified: How to Read Weather Charts and Satellite Images
    Michael Carr explains weather better than anyone I know. He uncomplicates the theory, makes sense out of the details and variables, and presents this often-too-technical subject in a friendly, easy to understand way. Read this book and the logic of weather falls clearly in place — through the authors clear descriptions, excellent graphics and extensive resources.

  • Anonymous says:

    Review by for International Marine’s Weather Predicting Simplified: How to Read Weather Charts and Satellite Images
    As Director of Ocean Navigator’s School of Seamanship I have chosen Michael Carr’s book as our textbook due to its high quality of content and material presentation. Michael is our instructor for weather and oceanography seminars and his book represnts years of first hand experience and information gathering.

  • D. Conrad says:

    Review by D. Conrad for International Marine’s Weather Predicting Simplified: How to Read Weather Charts and Satellite Images
    This is the best weather prediction guide I’ve seen. Michael Carr makes it easy to understand and interpret weather prediction models and provides plenty of examples so you can make sense of those satellite images available online! Not only that, he applies his extensive blue water sailing experience in helping to identify appropriate tactics for heavy weather avoidance. I wouldn’t go to sea without it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Review by for International Marine’s Weather Predicting Simplified: How to Read Weather Charts and Satellite Images
    This book is the result of several years research into an understandable approach to the worlds weather systems. It provides mariners with access to aavailable weather information and skills to interpret..resulting in safe and accurate routing decisions. Michael has been teaching weather, routing, navigation and seamanship seminars for Ocean Navigator for more than 10 years and served as Captain of our 90 ft training schooner Ocean Star. He has the experience and knowledge necessary to offer this valuable new weather book. And we have adopted the book as our text for Basic Advanced Weather seminars. This a captivating and clearly written book.

  • Anonymous says:

    Review by for International Marine’s Weather Predicting Simplified: How to Read Weather Charts and Satellite Images
    As a scientist, physician, and sailor, I consider myself fairly good at assimilating technical material, but I had trouble with this book. The author (like the NOAA meterologists who write those impenetrable forecast discussions) does not seem content to stick with one set of terms. A better editor would have helped him do so. One of the main thrusts of the text is the relationship between upper atmosphere phenomena (troughs and ridges) and surface conditions. After reading the book, I still don’t have a satisfying grasp of how this relationship works, mainly, I think, because the phenomena are defined in descriptive rather than mechanistic terms. I am going to read it again, but will be looking for something better.

  • We No Speak says:

    Review by We No Speak for Forecast: Tomorrow (W/Dvd)
    With the greatest respect to the incredible Bob Beldon, Joe Zawinul, and Wayne Shorter, this Box Set should contain a warning.

    The warning is simple: If you already own most of the stuff in this collection, don’t bother. If you’re completely new to Weather Report, buy it.

    Coming from someone that’s seen the band perform every year since 1972 and own all their official and quite a few “other” releases, I was really disappointed with this project (except for the booklet).

    Here are a few things that are puzzling:

    1) A Weather Report Box Set includes three songs (two composed by Zawinul and one by Shorter) that were never released by Weather Report:

    a. In a Silent Way. released by Miles Davis

    b. Super Nova, released by Wayne Shorter

    c. Experience in E (Excerpt), released by Cannonball Adderly

    (I agree with the liner notes that point to these songs as pre-cursors, but mentioning them would have been enough – they are all in print)

    2) An incredible typo stating that Alphonse Mouzon was the drummer on “Unknown Soldier”

    3) Including a barely improved version of Nubian Sundance that has been in circulation for many years from “other” sources.

    4) Including another “better than, but not by much” version of the “other” sources for the 1978 Rockpalast concert on DVD.

    5) Not remastering any of the original recordings. The tape hiss from the Live in Tokyo (I Sing the Body Electric) songs is still clearly heard and not upgrading those old recordings is just plain unacceptable in this day and age.

    6) Finally, the cover itself – I have no words, except to admit “I don’t get it”.

    Having said all that negative stuff – Weather Report remains the dominant “creative machine” of the Jazz Rock Fusion era and those that missed it should buy this without hesitating. If you’re a long time Weather Report fan – there’s absolutely nothing to get excited about here. The DVD was especially disappointing to me. I have had that concert on VHS tape for many years and now on DVD (all from “other” sources) and was shocked to see such incredible video noise on the official version. Zawinul’s black and white keys look like polka-dots in many places. (I played the DVD in 5 different players; two TV’s and my computer monitor to make sure it wasn’t my equipment). I should have paid attention to the PR person at Sony that told me the concert was taken from a re-broadcast of the show and NOT from the master tapes. It’s my own fault for having unrealistic expectations. I should probably clarify that while the DVD is in fact clearly better than the “un-offical” version, IT STILL LOOKS LIKE A BOOTLEG! Sad…

    It is of some significance that this “review” is the first time I’ve chosen to speak out about something in Fusion that was less than flattering. It should also be noted that my disappointment is aimed directly at CBS/Sony/BMG and not the musicians/producers.

    I’m still amazed that this record company can see fit to release this and hold back the already remastered Mahavishnu Orchestra Live in Cleveland Cd that was supposed to be released in 2004.

    Lastly, let me make it perfectly clear that Zawinul, Shorter, and Beldon are musicians and people I personally hold in the highest esteem with Zawinul and Shorter being musical divinities as far as I’m concerned. While my review is an obvious personal venting, and I realize that Zawinul and Shorter gave this project their stamp of approval, I think that shouldn’t be mistaken for a personal attack. My remarks are simply observations with some attitude directed at CBS/Sony/BMG.

    By Rick Calic

    Jazz Rock World

  • John L. Hughes, Jr. says:

    Review by John L. Hughes, Jr. for Forecast: Tomorrow (W/Dvd)
    After years of planning and many false starts, jazz/fusion supergroup Weather Report is finally honored with a box set consisting of three cds and one smoking live dvd of the band at its peak when bass extraordinare Jaco Pastorius joined. Although there are only three tracks “from the vaults” (a fuzzily recorded alternate take of “Nubian Sundance”, an alternate version of the Miles Davis staple “Directions” and a remix of the funky “125th Street Congress”), this box set still serves as an excellent overview of an important band. Tracks from all Weather Report albums are represented here except for the weak 1986 album “THIS IS THIS” (good move). Grammy-worthy liner notes along with rare photos dominate the colorful 100-page booklet that comes with the set. Box set producers Bob Belden, Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter are to be commended for putting together one of the best box sets of the year.

  • Dazedcat says:

    Review by Dazedcat for Forecast: Tomorrow (W/Dvd)
    The truly great thing about this box is the focus put on the early WR and the post Jaco version of the band. Most best of collections skip either or both completely. Disc 1 which focuses on the very beginnings is tremendous. There are new mixes of “Eurydice” and “Orange Lady”, an unreleased studio version of “Directions”….it just shows you how esoteric and great the original WR was. Disc 2 and 3 trace further evolution till the end (leaving out their horrid last album, which is very good).

    The DVD included is a very nice thing to have; the video is pristine and the soundtrack while not Dolby 5.1 or DTS (I can’t see how it could have been considering the year it was recorded) is terrific enough. Seeing Jaco do his solo piece during the Third Stone from the Sun medly really and truly brings back many great memories. But for my own tastes, as good as the DVD is, I would have preferred a fourth music CD instead. As dynamic as the first disc is, too much music is left out trying to cram some thirteen odd years onto two discs. There simply isn’t enough room to do so. I realize that Tail Spinnin’ is the overlooked WR album, but this should have been the time to bring that album back into focus. No “Punk Jazz” either???

    Shorter and Zawinul had full control over this release, so who am I to quibble really. It’s a great collection and those new to the band should indeed start here. Old fogies like myself should enjoy it for the memories it brings back….I forgot how good Victor Bailey was for example.

    I just wish there was more music…….but this is well worth the money.

  • rucktoon says:

    Review by rucktoon for Forecast: Tomorrow (W/Dvd)
    I’ve got all their albums and CD’s, but this box set is a very nice collection. The DVD is well worth it – I think the clarity is fine, and again there is no other live footage of this band available that I’ll ever see (I saw this tour actually). Nice booklet; the 125th Congress remix is just a waste of space and does nothing – why was that crap necessary?

    Sound is good throughout – could’ve boosted the bass a bit more in the mix.

    And the cover is just silly. 4 stars tho.

  • Martin Legg says:

    Review by Martin Legg for Forecast: Tomorrow (W/Dvd)
    What a band!! This is jazz fusion at its best, with monsters at the helm. Anyone who has ever played bass or even thought about it needs to see this DVD of Jaco Pastorious. One of the preeminent electric bass guitarists of then and forever, whose life was tragically cut short. This is a rare video of him in action, and he is simply outstanding. Wayne Shorter on all things sax will “blow” your mind. Just say “played with Miles”; ‘nough said. And then there is Joe. Zawinul. A true heavyweight on keyboards with sounds that will amaze and entertain you. And lets not forget Peter Erskine on drums; unbelievable: strong, fast and dynamic. Even if you have a good collection of WR cd’s buy this for the video alone, it is worth the price. Also comes with a killer booklet. Highly recommended.

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