Suggestions for weather activities? I teach middle school special education.?

Question by Kerosene: Suggestions for weather activities? I teach middle school special education.?
Next week I want to start working with my students on weather. One activity I had in mind was to use a digital thermometer to “take the temperature” of various things (ice water, room temperature water, warm water, hot water). The purpose of the activity would be so that students would learn that the higher the temperature, the hotter it is.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? Or good websites that have activities? I checked a number of websites, but there wasn’t anything I really liked.
I should probably mention that, academically, most of my students are functioning at approximately a first grade level–some are a little higher and some are a little lower, but 1st grade is the average.

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Answer by Benaz
Your idea is great. If it is temperature you want to teach them, do it with clothing.for example, have a large picture of a boy and girl and make lots of different clothing for it ( just stick them on with velcro or blu tack) also have pictures of the sun, rain, thunder etc, as the students what they think is appropiate to wear in each weather.
Maybe they could then judge by the clothes they are wearing what kind of weather and temperature it will be.


You hold up a picture of a sun for sunny day, they dress the man in t shirt, shirts and sun glasses. They see it must be hot as you dont need as many clothes.
Hope that made sense!

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  • viv says:

    Add types of precipitation to your activities.

    And add temperatures of the students – you can get a thermometer that is a strip of plastic that can be placed on someone’s forehead. Let the students handle the ice in their hands too, to touch the water and feel what warm is, tepid … for hot water, be careful of course but you can talk about the temperature of freezing water and boiling water. 0ºC – 100ºC and all the points in between, a fridge is 4ºC, body temperature is 37ºC, cooked beef is 74ºC, you can make yeast work at a certain temperature and then talk about making bread. a segwey to other stuff.

    then you could do a hat day – what hat to wear when it is hot and sunny, a rainy day hat, a windy day hat, a very cold day hat – with ear flaps! – leads to hard hats for protection, cowboy hats, top hats, crowns, etc.

    a snowflake day, hail, thunder and lightning, why wind happens, how rain happens. My 4 year old grandson understands most of these concepts when they are explained – he loves the fact that the tide goes out because of the moon!

  • Baby Leah says:

    I think it’s a good idea but i’d also try an experiment where you take six different temperature of water (three cold glasses of water and three hot) and measure them with a thermometer then you ask them witch ones were warmer and witch ones where colder according too the temperature.

    I’m not sure if this would help but Brain Pop is a really good site it might be a little advanced but it might give you some ideas
    here’s the link:

    This site might also help

  • Cassey says:

    use this site they have some pretty interesting ideas.. some for more advanced kids but there are a few that would be fairly understandable at a first grade level.

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