Q&A: what does ‘To weather the weather’ means?

Question by Marvylous R: what does ‘To weather the weather’ means?
really need to know.thanks

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Answer by weaknwimpy
During bad weather like hurricanes, snow storms, etc., things get damaged, that’s the 2nd weather in your statement. The first weather means for you not to give up during the storms no matter how tough they are, as in no electricity, no food, stranded, cold, hot etc.

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  • Rae says:

    It means to get through the weather-the weather could be good or bad, and it’s not just literal.

  • bfhwm50 says:


  • cw21dlr says:

    To “weather the weather” means to persevere through nasty or inclement weather, or “to weather the storm”.

  • d_r_siva says:

    To withstand the effects of weather


    It may also mean to pass to the windward of despite bad weather.

    Do not confuse the spelling of weather, wether, and whether, which sound similar. Weather is a noun referring to meteorological conditions such as rain, sunshine, wind, or clouds (as in stormy weather, the weather forecast) or a verb meaning “expose something to the weather” or “come safely through a difficult time” (as in weathered lumber, weather the storm). The word wether, which is not frequently encountered in general usage, denotes a castrated sheep or goat. Whether introduces an alternative or indirect question: whether you want to or not; Ask her whether she wants some coffee.

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