Obama Crony Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground plans for “Re-Education Camps” and “Elimination”

Conservative bloggers in 2008 discovered Obama’s long-time connection to domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. Of course we all remember Obama’s “Bill Ayers is just…
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25 Responses to “Obama Crony Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground plans for “Re-Education Camps” and “Elimination””

  • Liberal Fascism says:

    @PrisonerNumber9653 is a fucking RETARD.

    Bill and Hitlery are KKK. Al Gore is KKK. Period. Jimmy Carter is KKK.

  • PrisonerNumber9653 says:

    There is no such thing as a “Communist KKK.” You have to make up one lie or
    the other (in fact Gore was NEITHER) they are POLAR OPPOSITES. The KKK is
    far RIGHT, they have the same blind stupid phobia about the left as morons
    like yourself.

  • PrisonerNumber9653 says:

    “Nazicrats” like the KKK, the Nazis were far RIGHT. The claim that
    Democrats are Nazis is an obvious and intentional lie. Harry Truman was not
    KKK. Margaret Sanger DID NOT call blacks human weeds, DID NOT want to
    “exterminate the black race”. You’re a SCUMBAG who is slandering this civil
    rights HERO (who by the way worked with WEB DuBois and Martin Luther King)
    and was not REMOTELY “racist”…all in the name of the sexist attempt to
    rob women of the right to choose. Your CIA stuff? Total lies.

  • PrisonerNumber9653 says:

    Jeremiah Wright is not a Marxist, and does not hate Jews. Your racist
    attacks on a decent minister destroyed his career in the name of
    hate…proud of yourself?

  • PrisonerNumber9653 says:

    Hysterical lies. Absolutely hysterical. Ayers is one of literally THOUSANDS
    who hosted fundraisers for Obama, he did NOT “launch his career.” Ayers has
    ZERO connection to the CIA, and no LIAR he does not want “death camps.”
    You’ll believe any bullshit the far right feeds you…or do you just make
    this up on your own?

  • Boris82much says:

    A woman by the name of Donna Ron had the courage a few years back to post
    to the internet what Ayers did to her back in the 1960s. Today it’s called
    rape. Do a quick search for her name–her story is a perfect glimpse into
    what these elitist, bomb-throwing, I.E.D-making radical terrorists were
    really like. Outside of the violence and attempts to kill soldiers and
    entire families, as well as actually killing Americans (young gullible
    people they recruited to make bombs died, policemen and a armored car
    guard), they haven’t changed. They’re still trying to overthrow this
    country with communism…through destroying our educational system and
    supporting fellow Marxists and communists into office.

  • Liberal Fascism says:

    Al Gore-Jazeera’s Communist KKK father was financed by the Communist Party.

  • PrisonerNumber9653 says:

    The KKK is the far right, and the modern day nazis are (like the Nazis of
    old) far right scumbags like yourself. “Jihadcrats”? Still trying to gin up
    fear and hate of Muslims, I see.

  • Liberal Fascism says:

    Marxist Jeremiah Wright hates Jews.

  • Liberal Fascism says:

    The KKK are Nazicrats. Always were. Always will be. CIA mind control uses
    real Nazis from Germany brought over here by Harry KKK Truman who
    established the CIA and the UN. Margaret Sanger founder of Planned
    Parenthood spoke at KKK meetings. She was a Eugenicist who called blacks
    human weeds and she wanted to exterminate the black race slowly through
    abortions. Who supports abortion? Back to the cia mind control, they used
    LSD and ecstasy to create the hippie new world order youth.

  • Liberal Fascism says:

    Obama launched his political career from the home of CIA mind control
    operative Bill Ayers who wants DEATH CAMPS in America.

  • PrisonerNumber9653 says:

    Ku Klux Klan bullshit. Nobody is anti-white, YOU are the one promoting
    white supremacy. There is no such thing as a “white country,” and the US is
    the LAST place that would or should be if there were. There is no such
    thing as a “3rd world,” there’s only one world. NOBODY is “forced to
    integrate,” if you cowards want to hide in a cave from people of color,
    knock yourself out. NOBODY as in NOT A SINGLE PERSON is trying to wipe out
    whites, there is no such thing as white genocide.

  • Robert Marsh says:

    Obama Crony Bill Ayers Underground Plans for “Re-Education Camps” and
    “Elimination” @ Youtube:


    Via: “The Anti-Obama Nation” Daily Reading News Journal @ Facebook:


  • GlobalBurden says:

    Better keep your ears peeled now for an armed drone circling above your
    house. Barry the Killer Clown doesn’t like uncool people. : )

  • GlobalBurden says:

    In my personal life, I’ve accused a number of liberal Obama-worshipers, who
    fancy themselves intelligent and well-educated, of being mere hypnotized
    slaves to coolness with no mature regard for the truth, and it’s odd how
    they react. They don’t fight back. They just go hide themselves and avoid
    me. The truth hurts these devils. To know a liberal, particularly one who’s
    so hypnotized as to support the ridiculous likes of Obama, is to know
    someone in major need of deliverance.

  • GlobalBurden says:

    The liberal establishment has made it uncool to insult Lord God Obama, so
    much so that if some fact is deemed insulting Him, then it is also deemed
    untrue. We are nation of liberal tools under hypnosis – far more concerned
    about what’s cool than what’s true. Obama is only seeming to be
    double-crossing his Commie buddies. And they’re only seeming to be outraged
    by him. Lots of winks going back and forth among these monsters. And no
    liberal tool under hypnosis will admit that he sees them.

  • MegaCessnapilot says:

    Im so glad I moved to Canada. Nobama here!!!!

  • HoneySiegalSurvivor says:

    The truth is that the United States was actually dissolved in 1999 in the
    deposition of the real unindicted mastermind of 911 who hired Obamas and
    DHS Janet to bankrupt USA. I AM THE PROOF. As convoluted as the aforegoing
    statements may seem it is the tip of the iceberg of the sham of the money
    being used from Greece to the USA. The fraudulent estates of my person to
    use my money and property and cos. in my name R source of the “economy” and
    the hired complicit sham Congress. Honey Siegal

  • computerpurple says:

    VOOOMMM…i think a drone just flew by. Smile for the camera.

  • computerpurple says:

    Like and agree with your post comment.

  • Susan Block says:

    I am astonded that this guy and his lovely wife are still in our
    society…wasn’t he wanted by the FBI?? Shouldn’t he be in prison with his
    lovely wife!? How about we all eliminate him and his lovely wife….I vote
    for sending them to Afganistan and giving them a cushy home up dar in dem

  • Coleman wilson says:

    lets us eliminated bill ayers !!!!!

  • slayerkendra says:



    Actually, it is YOU anti-whites who are the most devout adherents of ‘White
    Supremacy’. Because despite the fact that ONLY white countries are being
    flooded with 3rd-world immigrants, and Whites forced by law to integrate
    with all those non-whites, still YOU faithfully believe that ONLY whites
    can’t be exploited. And YOU anti-whites faithfully believe that the only
    way to wipe out “hate” is to wipe out Whites. Why else would YOU support
    said polices of White GENOCIDE? RACIST is a HATE word.

  • majorl311 says:

    We either bow to Lord Obama or they kill us what a choice, how many will
    bow down when the poo hits the fans?

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