Notre Dame winter weather?

Question by A M: Notre Dame winter weather?
I live near Boston and I really want to go to Notre Dame. Are the winters harsher in Indiana than they are in Massachusetts?

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Answer by Emily M
Maybe not as cold but South Bend is subject to lake effect snow from Lake Michigan.

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  • Marisa says:

    If weather were the only issue I wouldn’t let that discourage you. However, while I do not completely regret my choice to attend ND, there are many aspects of my experience that make me question my original reasoning for attending the school. I graduated from Notre Dame last year, and I will tell you that South Bend is a hellhole. And it’s not that I came from an urbane hometown…I grew up in the suburban Midwest, which isn’t exactly a cultural hotspot.

    I lived in a very popular townhome development south of campus that was right next to an abandoned hospital and a meth house, and random people would knock on our door asking for money. Idiot intoxicated Notre Dame students deciding to walk home from Club 23 at 3 AM were occasionally attacked. One guy in particular was attacked with a brick and had his wallet stolen. And I almost forgot about the two students who were shot in a drive-by in front of Club 23 by some local dude who they refused a ride home.

    I would say that a certain amount of crime would be tolerable if the area had other things going for it. However, unless you view the chain restaurants along Grape Road as fine dining and the Pleasureland Sex Museum in Mishawaka as a cultural attraction, then I think you may be disappointed. I had a car since second semester freshman year and my roommate was from South Bend, so I explored the city often and had a much deeper understanding of the city than the average student, who pretty much never left campus.

    For most people, they choose to attend due to its unique campus life. If that’s what you’re looking for, then don’t worry about the fact that South Bend has nothing to offer. However, I drastically underestimated my desire for an urban campus, and if I could redo the past four years, I would probably not attend ND. I felt that my education was excellent, and I met many interesting people, but I feel that I could have grown considerably more as a person by attending a school that was different, both in the student makeup and the city type, than where I grew up.

    If I had to do it over again I would have gone to college in the Boston Metropolitan area and probably attended Holy Cross or possibly Boston College.

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