Malta and Education: New Horizons

Malta and Education: New Horizons

Are you currently seeking a reputable facility to learn the English language? How would you like to learn this language while enjoying warm days and an absence of cloudy weather? Malta has been known for many things through the years, but now can be known for teaching the English language.

Malta is home to many widely popular private schools teaching the English language. In 2006 alone, over 65,000 foreign students visited Malta to participate in English courses. The projected statistics for future students continue to show more and more are turning to this Mediterranean island for their studies.

The typical age group for those attending English studies range from late teens to late 20s. This young crowd has brought a new life to Malta and has greatly helped the location through both tourism and education. Statistics have proven that students in their early 20s are more apt to stay three weeks to a month at a time. The most popular ethnicity of attendees is German, with such countries as Italy and Russia slightly trailing behind.

How did this country arrive at this level of interest and expertise? Malta is a former British colony, and Prince Phillip and the Queen lived there prior to her coronation. Due to this heavy presence, Malta has retained much of the English influence and helps others become fluently acquainted with the language.

Many reasons are given for this attraction, but most revolve around Malta’s beautiful summer weather. This season is when English language courses are at their peak attendance. There are no cold winds or fogs or bad weather. Rainfall is minimal year-round.

Contrary to popular assumption, English is a widely spoken language in Malta. Due to the British presence, many families still speak English as a first language. Most populated areas of the island feature banks and ATMs, perfect for the travelling student. Currency exchanges can be made at banks or at many of the hotels. Most locations in Malta accept major credit cards.

Malta may be the greatest place in the world for automobile exploration, as rental cars are very affordable and fuel is equally economical. Malta is also known for holding many ‘fiestas’. There is also a wide variety of shops and boutiques featuring goods of all kinds, including Malta glass, pottery and wrought iron ornaments.

Those with religious affiliations will feel welcomed in one of Malta’s 300 churches for faiths ranging from Catholic to Greek Orthodox to Jewish and Methodist, among others.

The water of the island is completely clean and safe for consumption, yet it does contain some high levels of mineral content. Their presence in the water causes stomach upset for some; however, bottled water is readily available. Doctors and pharmacists are available, and your motel or host family will quickly refer you to someone should you require medical treatment.

Drugs of all types are strictly forbidden on the island of Malta. Those transporting substances will be punished for possession unless all such materials are declared through customs. Despite the regulations involved, Malta does have a healthy nightlife. Visitors are always welcomed at any of the nightclubs on the island.

Malta is a new trend for learning the English language. Visitors are sure to return after their studies to enjoy what this island has to offer. offers an array of facts and figures for potential students including accommodation and a range of hotels in Malta

They also feature airlines in the UK, Germany and Italy who offer cheap Malta flights – all useful for students studying how to learn English at one of the Malta English language schools.

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