Where can I get past Weather data?

Question by Shyam: Where can I get past Weather data?
I know that Weather Forecast is available at varoius websites, www.weather.com being the pioneer.

I would like to know if there is any website which displays the past data of weather readings. For example:
i. Past 10 days weather data
ii. Weather data for any past date (past date should be an enterable field)

Appreciate if any one give me pointers on how to get this data in general and for Indian cities in Particular.


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Answer by Melaniek33
There are two locations that should have what you are looking for (but I note these are just for U.S. Cities):

1. The National Weather Service has daily weather data archived for the past few weeks. Their website is www.weather.gov. You can click on the map for a specific location and then on the left side of the page click on climate and get the past weather for the last few weeks from the local weather stations.

2. To get weather data that is more than a few weeks old (say from 1990 or from January 2009) I would try WeatherARC www.weatherarc.com. They too only have U.S. data. Their data archives go back to 1931 and they have hourly data available for may locations across the United States. They charge for their data however.

For archived data for Indian Cities I would try the National Climatic Data Center website. www.ncdc.noaa.gov They should be able to provide you with daily archived data for cities all around the globe. They also charge for their archived hourly data.

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  • Principal Skinner says:

    This site you can enter any date and any location and get the weather data from that day:

    It has a lot of world cities but I don’t know many Indian cities but it has weather data for New Delhi.

    If it doesn’t have what you are looking for you can try a google search for the India National Weather service or something like that.

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