Where can I find previous weather data for the past 30 days?

Question by : Where can I find previous weather data for the past 30 days?
I’m doing a special project for a weather and climate course in college and it would be great if I could find weather data (specifically, wind speed and wind direction) for the entire month of October 2010. Where can I find this for my location? Sioux Falls, SD.

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  • Todd says:

    Click the link below. To advance to the next day, click “Next Day” in the upper right corner. Clicking the “Monthly” tab will show you the means, averages, and a calender lay out precip info.


  • Water says:

    Well, you are doing a project and since I use to take and give this type of data to people all the time, I am assuming that you would like wind data for each hour of the day since this is a college project. If so you are asking for a lot of data. I would suggest you call the NWS office there in Sioux Falls (605) 330-4247 hit zero key when the recording comes on to skip the recorded stuff and get a person on the line and ask to talk to the Science Operations Officer (SOO for short which is pronounced like Sue. Explain your project and ask if that office has an archive of the hourly observations from the Automated Surface Observation System (ASOS) located there. Most offices do and it may even be available on line. The SOO often works with people working with weather projects and he/she may be able to offer suggestions on your project as well. The SOO I worked with was excellent with working with college students.

    Good luck, and study hard.

  • Dana B. says:

    I have found the wunderground website very helpful for this type of data: http://www.wunderground.com/history/

    You can search by your location and the date. The results do include wind speed and direction.

    If you need more help, just contact your local librarian.
    Many library web sites have a link where you can chat online with a librarian 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! http://lists.webjunction.org/libweb/

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