Over 15000 Records Broken as March 2012 Becomes Warmest on Record

According to NOAA scientists at the National Climatic Data Center (www.ncdc.noaa.gov record and near-record breaking temperatures dominated the eastern two-thirds of the nation and contributed to the warmest March on record for the contiguous United States, a record that dates back to 1895. This animation shows the locations of each of the 7755 daytime and 7517 nighttime records (or tied records) in sequence over the 31 days in March.
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  • jessemaurais says:

    Citing a bunch of solar flares isn’t proving a point. If you want to make the case that the temperature on Earth is correlated with the Sun then you would need data indicating this trend. However, the data already collected about historic temperatures states pretty clearly that the late industrial age is substantially warmer. This would not be the case if solar cycles were to account for it, because the cycle would also be found in the data we’ve collected so far.

  • MysterEy1 says:

    watch my doomsday vlog.

  • MysterEy1 says:

    well cited.

  • centerM87 says:

    It is premature to be saying that Global Warming is occuring and that this year is proof of this trend. Why? The dynamics of the the relationship between weather on earth and space weather is admitted to be poorly understood. March also saw earth directed CME’s. March 5 Strong Solar activity. March 7 Another major flare. March 9 CME targets earth. March 15 A CME from AR 1429. March 24 another CME from AR 1429.

  • bcta302 says:

    We are going to get fried, aren’t we?

  • xchopp says:

    Conspiracy theory paranoia…. really?  Can you let us all know how NASA and NOAA are doing this?

  • xchopp says:

    No, the figures cannot be owing to urban heat island effects… because scientists at NOAA have controlled for this effect (go on, look up the BEST temperature record, or google this — you will find that the UHI has no important impact on the large-scale, long-term surface temperature record). I am also surprised to see such an eminent scientist as yourself writing on yt: after all, if you’ve disproved radiative transfer theory you really ought to use your real name!

  • xchopp says:

    Quote: “the temperature… variates” — variates? Is that even a word? Yes, it is — but it’s a noun, not a verb. Ah, everyone is an expert — even those who cannot apparently string a sentence together.

  • xchopp says:

    Who’s Geroge Bush? That dude sure has a weird name…

  • 4v10h17r19d20 says:

    Geroge Bush was a great PRESIDENT Thumbs Up If You Agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alexstore1 says:

    Natural events caused by the sun, the temperature variates you people! There is counter-arguments too you know!

  • frankobjectif says:

    You are totally right.

  • TheRosa63 says:

    or the figures could be due to urban heat island affects, I do notice when I am in the city it is usually warmer then when I am in the countryside where I live. I lived in the city too at times.

    even if there is global warming I can guarantee from what I know about co2, co2 is not to blame anymore than saying oxygen is to blame for cooling/warming? or that water vapor which is 98 percent more warming than co2 is causing a cooling. this is all a red herring from real issues.


  • rblinne says:

    One thing that is useful for attributing man made global warming is record high lows since the CO2 mechanism will cause that more than solar variability. Also the ratio of record highs to record lows will tell you this, also.

  • 1quasar1 says:

    NOAA and NASA as great contributors to the advancement of science also are contributing to the spreading of reflective particulate and altering our atmosphere. You have no choice but to accept certain things that are beyond your control…we who have voices, should be screaming at the top of our lungs. I’m sure this will be removed. Truth hurts.

  • nicpetnic says:

    There are not many people who deny global warming, they disagree with how severe the warming will be and the cause. I don’t think it will make the world unlivable like some have suggested, after all life formed and thrived in atmospheric Co2 concentrations much higher then today’s.

  • nicpetnic says:

    There was a similar very warm march in 1945, & 1946 and it was during a similar weather pattern, it was warmer then that this march so some of this marches warmth may be due to warming in recent decades, but I do not think it caused it. More likely a modification of natural cycles by humans or a factor not yet determined. I think recent warming may have added on slightly to what would have happened.anyways.

  • gdog48001 says:

    Here in Arizona its gunna suuuuck.. I can see 115’s easy this year.

  • verngrey says:

    Can’t add a link to add to the story? google / Lawrence E. Joseph / Passing Into the Energy Cloud on the huffington post. This is one of the things I’m sure has them perturbed.

  • verngrey says:

    What they won’t say publicly is this realistically very alarming & that the problem is more than just about carbon, there is something much bigger at work like the magnetosphere, my guess in the next few months their will have 2 be a special news conference, they’re not showing panic just yet, but their heads must be spinning at closed door meetings.
    What could it be thats bothering them so much? look here.

  • nononononononomaybe says:

    stupidaznmunkey – “only started keeping track in the 1800s”

    so we also dont have any proof that there were ever ice ages or dinosaurs, right? because we didnt take down that data firsthand? i think you may be misunderstanding something..

  • Tom Hennessy says:

    The fact of the matter is that 97.5% of climate scientists agree that our warming climate is caused by the billions of tons of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. It is undeniable that greenhouse gases have a warming effect. Venus suffered a runaway greenhouse effect causing it to warm to death, and Mars stored all of its carbon in its surface causing it to freeze to death. Carbon dioxide is unquestionably a planet’s main thermostat.

  • Tom Hennessy says:

    There has been a communication breakdown between climate scientists and the public, almost entirely caused by big oil company smear campaigns, and passed through the public by politicians that they support. Saying that the jury is still out on what the causes are is like saying the jury is still out on whether or not O.J. did it.

  • BullColapse says:

    The jury is still out on what the causes of climate change are, BUT what is for certain is that the globe changes and we should prepare for this. Adaptation to minimises human damage should be the focus. If you think putting some solar panels or windmills up will stop anything u r deluded and will end up broke unless you are producing them. Thinking we can play god and geo-engineer our way out of what may lie ahead is daft, predicting changes and adapting to them is the way forward.

  • bambooshed says:

    We know for certain it is man made, you meant to say. Silly mistake.

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