First pictures of Titan – BBC

A missing data stream and bad weather could lead to mission disaster – will they be able to receive any data from the probe? Fascinating space clip from BBC.
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We do not mean to disparage any religious ideal other than the ones man has injected to impose fear and control upon you. We all support your choice of path to the light and consciousness. *Haarp Digisonde Data taken from individual scaled data sheets on haarp website.

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  • djason4 says:

    I don’t know if you remember his cartoon , Titan AE, where a genetic library of all species on earth was collected and stored on a ship to seed another earth. If life really came from space, so we are not contaminating space, space is already contaminated. It will be done one way or the other.

  • melrobRTF says:

    I agree. But it was originally intended to keep countrys from claiming other planets.

  • djason4 says:

    That treaty must be reviewed, we are not left with enough time to think about all this, we soon will need to move, before the sun grow into a red giant. Not enough time, because if we go to terra-form another planet, it takes long time.

  • melrobRTF says:

    There is a space treaty, stating that intentionally seeding other worlds with earth life is unethical. As it might destroy, yet undiscovered, life on those worlds.

  • melrobRTF says:

    Colour is irrelevant in this case, the data that can be gathered from them is not of great importance. Besides. It makes the image files about 15 times as large. And those need to be sent back to earth.

  • djason4 says:

    Why are we not sending plants, vegetations, moss, to Titans, it could change the atmosphere.

  • TheBlackSpider82 says:

    Why wouldn’t they?

  • TehMadCat says:

    The Government actually can’t hide that from us, I wish, but People have private telescopes, and can see almost as far as NASA…Meaning that other people WOULD tell us if NASA didn’t…

  • wo0obly says:

    Just sayin’ lol

  • deathtotubez says:

    so its not amazing enough that we sent a sattelite through space, hit the planet we wanted millions of miles away and you say that…

  • wo0obly says:

    Not that long that they wouldn’t have color cameras.

  • prophecyjoris says:

    It was built long ago.

  • bluestarwheel says:

    Yes our planet is precious. Get educated to bio-engineering chemtrails. They’re real and all over the world. Here in California we are finding barium and aluminum in water and soil. See Sophia Smallstorm’s microscope photos on youtube

  • nerdyharry says:

    Our biosphere is a precious and rare thing.

  • nerdyharry says:

    no multicellular life is native beyond earth in the orbit of Sol.

  • cricket2892 says:

    I’ve heard that there is a chance life could be on titan similar to early life on earth, in which the atmosphere was mostly methane. But there is such a small chance because it’s so cold there, i don’t think anything could survive. Even extremophiles. The most likely place to find life in our solar system would probably be Saturn’s moon enceladus. The one with the vast undergound ocean. NASA needs to send a probe there.

  • mrsaqibmajeed says:

    ohhhhhhhh sorry i mean galaxy

  • chrisbaker121924 says:

    Do you know what a universe is? do you mean solor system or galaxy…

    The problem is as we are now discovering when a civilisation develops an economy and attempts to bridge the gap from level 0 (planatry) to level 1 (solar), its economy fails and goes back into the stone age. In order for a aliens to find us from another solar system they would likely need to be level 2 (galactic – hopping between stars in the same galaxy(startrek) or universal(starwars)hopping between galaxys

  • mrsaqibmajeed says:

    there is no aliens in this universe alien in other one universe i see aliens in other universe not all universe like us we live in one universe not the all universe

  • MIDNAq1LINK says:

    I hope you’re being sarcastic… 

  • animastudiosky says:

    Spend more money to save our planet after spend money to make more earthlike planet in our solar system.After spend money to find anothers out of solar system.

  • PCman54 says:

    Hopefully it would slip out somehow lol

  • koryutheriverflow says:

    you’re so fucking right !

  • kiddolols says:

    come to think of it, it was like they spent billions of dollars to get some pictures and rock analysis…

  • Ooel3ctrooO says:

    duuuude!! titan is a pretty cool moon >.<

  • Suspicious0bservers says:

    @SOCOMICEPICK research saturnalia. the history of the cross before christ. the worship of saturn and its connection to the sabbath going back to Babylonian times. Sorry my friend – perhaps you missed the part about how the faith and moral teachings of jesus are what to follow – not what man has added. The first priest accusers were called demons and evil – you must recognize the difference between the truth and falsity in religion. If you heard anti-jesus, your mind is closed – do your research

  • Suspicious0bservers says:

    @futurecatholic unfortunately that is not possible if you take the totality of the texts. If all you read is the king james version or listen to whoever leads a congregation, then you do not get the whole story. Our spirituality is becoming understood by science, and oddly enough, some of the seemingly mystical things religions discusses are recognized by science, even if unable to be examined and understood. The gnostic texts go a long way, so does understanding Giza, and Ed Leedskalnin’s work.

  • xtcottonballx says:

    i can’t imagine anything changing weve been brainwashed so well

  • PrisonerofDemocracy says:

    water comes from within the earth dig deep enough you find it , dig deeper you find oil

  • Suspicious0bservers says:

    send us all the info on how to find the group, and what kind of stuff you have in mind, etc. sounds like something we should mention in a video

  • xander7ful says:

    Hello! A few days ago, I started it on Facebook. It’s called People’s Consciousness Creation (mass sounds too impersonal & scientific). Go join and if I can figure it out I’ll make you an Admin. Here on YT, I was just going to leave daily bulletins, since Groups are gone.

  • imafractal23 says:

    i was just going to leave a message just like this. i am trying to start something like this up. lets talk. it is actually time for my afternoon meditation, hope to hear from you or anyone who wants to do this.

  • truthseeker9261 says:

    ME? No, I don’t say that,
    Have you gone the FIXEDEARTH site and perused it yet?
    The current Copernican Model has had over 450 years to “sink in” to our collective Psyche.
    Go to the site, make a video on it based on the information in it, you have a great voice to help
    change one of the biggest false paradigms we all grew up to believe…Heliocentrism.
    Over 60 Biblical References to a MOVING Sun, and not one reference to an Orbiting/Moving Earth.

  • mattimber says:

    I found this video on my FaceBook page in an Exopolitical Group. I share the cynicism of the narrator. Bill Maher’s 2000 stand up “Be More Cynical” is good advice with any subject dealing with the stinky New World Odor. I’d add that asteroid YU 55 on 11-9-11 may be surprising. I believe something wonderful is about to happen (as in the movie 2010). “Wonder” does not necesarrily mean something harmless, but I think the NWO is going down and goodness will prevail, but it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

  • TheBalcour says:

    great idea, lets go!

  • Suspicious0bservers says:

    what do you mean?

  • lynella22 says:

    who was the originator of this video….brilliant.

  • ArtJoePhilly says:

    No doubt there’s patterns, look-alike, word plays, counterfeits and numerous various distractions. The mind, however, will never go along with the kingdom of God, it seeks a bypass. For those of us whose mind could not reconcile life, for those of us who then called on the name of the Lord, we know.

  • lynella22 says:

    Well said :)

  • Suspicious0bservers says:

    Considering that Jesus’ story is similar to no less than 12 other earth-bound gods, and that each was considered the god of the Sun, and Sunday is the holy day of the sun [although christians have mostly forgotten that], we’d guess that your insights serve you well. All eyes on the sun. be safe friend.

  • ArtJoePhilly says:

    Jesus foretold a solar disruption of some kind. An Elenin diversion would then have served the purpose to camouflage that which is yet to come. The King also suggested, in a critical tone, that the hearers could predict the weather but not the times. For all we know this game is in the ninth inning but it’s certainly not over until the last out. More pitches planned and maybe be from a reliever we’ve never seen.

  • xander7ful says:

    Yes!! I once took part in one via Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell back in 2000 or 2001. There was a wildfire in Montana & there had been no rain for weeks & none in sight. Art Bell asked his audience to use prayer, intent or whatever they chose to direct rain to Montana. A few days or week later, he announced that it had worked!! BUT he was frightened at the power of it & vowed to never do it again. I was going to do it via Bulletin. If you want to start it, go ahead.

  • Suspicious0bservers says:

    thats a great idea

  • xander7ful says:

    There’s a guy here on YT who mentioned once the concept of Mass Consciousness Creation, but he gets sidetracked onto HAARP & weather changes. I wanted to start a Mass CC project here on YT, but I recently got sidetracked with Elenin (see my channel sidebar).

    Would anyone here be interested in trying Mass Consciousness Creation here on YouTube and/or on Facebook? In other words, every day or once or twice per week, taking one situation in the world and using prayer or intention to change it?

  • sookiegirl97381 says:

    you always present your information, fact, and opinion in such a intelligent, articulate way… I cant thank you enough for all of your hard work. You do a hellova Job! Blessings!

  • skookumfarms says:

    Well presented. Very thoughtful content.  Thanks.

  • debraBmaddox says:


  • Suspicious0bservers says:

    good to have you with us friend, be safe

  • Yaheuben66 says:

    Refreshing– just subbed (referred to you by Smokinjoetrainer)

    I haven’t found someone with a view as in allignment with mine as you

  • Starla830 says:

    Great video

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