whats the weather in sydney like in june?

Question by littleladyclaire: whats the weather in sydney like in june?
im thinking of visiting there on my break from uni, but i know that the weather/seasons r different there than they r in ireland.

is it a good month to visit or would i be stuck inside all the time because of the weather?

thanks claire xo

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Answer by DiScO dIvA
It’s the start of winter here then!!! It will be cold and raining but don’t let that stop you from coming!! I’m sure that you will still enjoy yourself without a doubt!! The harbor looks really pretty when it rains. There will be sunny days but there will be a cold breeze when it is. there is still plenty to do when it’s raining so i don’t think you will be stuck inside. but in the same token I’m use to winter in Sydney. If you want to came and spend a lot of time out in the sun, wait until October through to February you will enjoy it more, especially the beaches cos not only will they look pretty like they do in winter you can actually get out on them!!

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  • tentofield says:

    Sydney in June can be cold in the mornings but it is generally mild during the day. The average maximum temperature is 17°C, the highest ever recorded was 27°. The average minimum is 9° and the coldest ever was 2.1°, the coldest temperature ever recorded in Sydney (back in the 1930s I think).

    June can be a wet month, statistically it is the second wettest month of the year after March with a median rainfall of 95mm on 11 days.

    You will need a jacket and a light woolly for evenings but June in Sydney is not too bad at all. Everything is open and you can have a great time. There are still people who go swimming in June although locals tend to wear wet suits.

    If you get a good storm in the Tasman Sea, the swells coming ashore can be spectacular and if they are coming through the heads, take a ferry to Manly – as long as you don’t get seasick.

  • GuEsS? says:

    Well with the recent weather changes i think it could be any temperature like yesterday scorching hot last night pouring down thunder and lightning its good here because sometimes you cant choose the weather and its different every day you can wake up and you think hmmm i wonder is today going to be a summer day or a winter day. Yes june is the start of winter but its fun here no matter what season.Rain Hail or Shine. Hopefully it wont hail though :)

  • Caylin A says:

    It is funny how when it is winter in America it is Summer in Sydney. The average temperature in Sydney’s winter is 90 degrees to 111 degrees. So in the winter of sydeny it would be about 80 degrees

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