What kind of coat would be good for Boston and New York weather in February?

Question by leighquorice: What kind of coat would be good for Boston and New York weather in February?
I’m travelling to Boston and New York in February next year, I heard it’s going to be freezing since it’s one of the coldest months. What kind of coat would be good for the weather then? Would a coat that’s 100% cotton on the outside with a 100% polyester lining be okay? Please help :(

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Answer by Sahara
It is going to be really cold. You need a warm coat. Down is great. It depends on how thick that coat is. Wool is another fabric that is warm. I don’t know what my current coat is made out of. It is double thick but still tapered so it doesn’t look so boxy and bulky. I paid for it on overstock.com. It was on clearance.

www.llbean.com makes great winter coats.

You want a heavy coat.

You can always subsidize your coat with layers. Wear thermal underwear or pajamas (pants, top) under your clothes. You can take off layers.

It is very cold. During the day, temps can be in the teens or twenties. It can be below 0 at night. We have something called wind chill which makes it feel even colder than the temperature suggests.

edit: The cold can be dangerous so you will need gloves, a scarf, and a hat. You want to cover up so you don’t have bare skin showing. It’s important.

edit: You might want to get some wool socks. You will want to wear heavy socks. You could double up. That’s an option. Wear comfortable shoes. You might need boots for snow and ice.

edit: I’m in northern MA. I’ve lived down south (NC and AL).

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  • nyckat says:

    the more natural the fiber the better, think wool. Poly will make you sweat, then you’ll freeze for sure! Layers are great also A heavy leather with lining and a turtle neck with a sweater! Don’t forget head coverings, scarf, and gloves..warm socks and boots are nice to have as well! Especially if you plan on sight seeing!
    Have fun

  • ♥ || Brown Eyed Girl || ♥ says:

    A very warm one and/or lots of layers.

    In February weather, I wear my North Face parka everyday with a fleece sweater underneath. That’s enough to keep me warm. The weather is normally frigid in NYC during this time of year. It can’t be that much better up North in Boston. BRRR!

  • Tanya S says:

    I always stick with a thick down coat with a hood. It gets very cold and windy. I would recommend a North Face or Columbia or something like that.

  • cnn360coffeebubbles says:

    Fur-Lined Jacket or Down Jackets are best.. with gloves, scarf and a big hat or beanie that covers your ears. :)

  • stormibays says:

    Get a down Jacket. Northface makes some that are super duper warm and very stylish.

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