Type of clothing for Sydney weather Aug 6 thru Aug 10, 2009?

Question by Marianne: Type of clothing for Sydney weather Aug 6 thru Aug 10, 2009?

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Answer by truth teller
T-shirt,shorts & thongs

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  • Mel says:

    August can still be a little chilly. I would bring jeans, another pair of pants (not too thick), some tshirts, perhaps a long sleeve tee, and a thin jacket or two.

    During the day jeans and a tee is plenty, but at night you might need the jacket.

  • Dr House farted. says:

    If you plan on going out at night then you need to bring a jacket. It can get pretty chilly here.
    Not one that you’d wear in the arctic, just a thin jacket with a tee and maybe a jumper.

  • Maple Leaf says:

    Yep I agree with House…it can get chilly at night and first thing in the morning too. It was only 7C this morning at 7am.
    I don’t own a jacket, I just wear a jumper its enough as the days are really nice.

  • gildersleeve says:

    Your other answerers have given you the best advice already. To theirs, I would only add: some parts of Sydney can get quite windy (therefore cold, in August). If you are doing tourist-y things around the Sydney Opera House, or in The Rocks (a historic neighborhood right on the water), or taking any boat cruises or ferry rides, or visiting Taronga Zoo, etc, you might want a heavier jacket, maybe even a woolly hat, just in case. Especially if you’re going into Australia straight from high summer in a hotter part of the US.

    Oh, and a couple of people have recommended “jumpers.” These folks are obviously Australians, even if they hadn’t told you so. .. :-D

    The “jumpers” they mean are not sleeveless girls’ dresses worn over blouses. Australian jumpers are sweatshirts (with or without hoods, with or without zippers) or woolly knitted sweaters.

    Have a nice trip!

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