Q&A: What is the weather in Sydney like year round?

Question by Fashionista365: What is the weather in Sydney like year round?
I will be studying abroad in Sydney for a full year (not just a school year) and was wondering what the weather is like both during the september through june months as well as july and august?
also, how often does it rain?

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Answer by Aussie
June through to the end of August are our winter months…Sydney gets cold but nothing compared to North America or Europe !

September is the onset of spring ….still cool but the days are fantastic with the daily average temperatures gradually increasing to the start of Summer in December…

Australia gets most of its’ rain in the summer months which are very warm ….

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  • aussieamerican says:

    It’s very rare that Sydney would see anything below 0C, 5-10 at night during the winter is as cold as it usuall gets. During the summer (Dec-Feb), it can get unbelievably hot (40C+) and humid.

    I spent 31 years in Michigan and I’ve never worn anything heavier than a fleece down here, and I find some days during the summer unbearable.

    As far as rain, it’s been raining a lot more in the last couple of years than it did my first 2 years down here, but it probably doesn’t rain as much as wherever you’re coming from.

  • Peny says:

    In Sydney it gets really warm from about September to about April and doesn’t really rain at all (we are in drought). Anywhere from 25 – 40 degrees celcius (77 to 105 fahrenheit). From May to August it can get a bit chilly but never below about 10 degrees celcius (thats 50 degrees fahrenheit). Sometimes a little colder at night. It rains a bit more in winter but not that much. The days in winter are usually pretty mild usually about 20 celcius (68 fahenheit). You only ever need a jacket you dont have to rug up to much.

  • truth teller says:

    The weather ranges from -2 to 40+

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