New York city weather?

Question by : New York city weather?
Is it very snowy in NYC at the end of February? We want to go around the last week in February, maybe first week of march. I will be 8 months pregnant though, and my husband is a wimp :-/.
I’m not afraid of snow, but if we go and get completely snowed in, it would be a rather boring trip. Advice please? We are sadly limited on when we can go. We can only travel from January to April, but after that will be too close to my due date.

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Answer by Ettie
It doesn’t usually snow at the end of February and March. The last time that we had a big snowstorm that was in March was in 2005 I think. So don’t worry about that because it most likely won’t snow, but do bring warm clothes and a thick jacket because it will be cold. Bring a light jacket as well because the weather in unpredictable sometimes during that time of year. It could be a freezing today, but not so bad tomorrow. Since you will be 8 months pregnant, make sure to bring very comfortable shoes!

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  • Native New Yorker says:

    My friend, February, in particular late February is considered one the coldest month of the year. Therefore, do expect snow and other forms of wintry weather in the forecast in the North East during that month.

    If you preferred, travel during the summer month when the weather is warmer.

    Good luck

  • Bob says:

    I find it hard to believe that Native New Yorker is really a native New Yorker. The snowiest days are January and the beginning of February. We only get light flurries at the end of February, if that. As Ettie said, we rarely get large snowstorms in NYC that during end of Feb/beginning of March. I do agree that it will be cold and you must bring all of your winter gear. Again as Ettie stated, bring a lighter coat as well because maybe, you might experience a sunny day in the upper 50s.

    Are you sure that you can walk around and do all of the NYC activities while you’re 8 months pregnant? It is a great place to vacation, but I think that you should reconsider and go some place where you won’t strain yourself as much.

  • mt5 says:

    Februaury is usually the snowiest month of the year… I would say go in. Not a big chance of snow and it’s usually a nice temperature.(not too hot, not too cold).

  • . says:

    New York City is not like most northeast cities. It’s location on the ocean makes it not snow as much as it does in places like upstate NY or Vermont. At the end of February according to the National Weather Service, normal daytime temperatures are in the mid 40’s and temperatures at night normally cool off into the low 30’s. Usually when the temperature approaches the mid 30’s and it does snow, it’s usually not as intense as it is when its in the mid 20’s. If you get normal temperatures, it is unlikely you will see snow. When it does snow, several inches it’s usually one day. It usually melts completely before another storm comes. By the next day, the snow is over and all streets and sidewalks are clear by the next day and everything returns back to normal. From all my years living in the area, I never remember a time where I was stuck inside because of snow for more than one day. Also, the normal monthly snowfall total for NYC in February is only 7.5 inches.

  • Jane N says:

    It rarely snows much in NYC, usually if it does it is just a sprinkling and the sidewalks and streets are salted and cleared immediately, especially in the city

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