Tsunami – Incredible Video Footages

A collection of video footages of the horrific and disastrous Tsunami, killing thousands, that struck Asia on Boxing Day- Sunday 26th December 2004. Please rate and comment. My Fifteenth video..
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  • onduidelijkheid22 says:


  • ballersmon says:

    after the 1st or 2nd strangely large wave seen……..you’d see my ass running. i dont get why these people would just stand there

  • cuong187 says:


  • GrimSkey says:

    @Bereqe O_O

  • ShoopDaWoosh says:

    5:07 Elderly couple dies in 3… 2… 1….
    6:33 Because everyone jumps into a tsunami to, “Kill some time”

  • Bereqe says:

    @GrimSkey Seems cool until happens to you. ;-)

  • Snafubaragain says:


  • Wowmaster233 says:

    @kellymarcus1 I dont think you should write this in youtube. Youtube is somewhere you look at videos and stuff you dont talk about when your family died and stuff
    that makes people get sad too, like when i readed this i started thinking of something very bad and im just saying.. you shouldnt post it here

  • VirDiligo says:

    @kellymarcus1 Kill yourself to relieve the pain. Don’t you feel guilty for the fact that all your family died and only you survived? Think about it.

  • clairecutiexxx says:

    @kellymarcus1 i am sorry for your lost but u should get married again because it can`t happen again and god bless your family

  • MCRxfan20 says:

    i hope i never see one of those in real life. :P

  • GrimSkey says:

    @Bereqe Oh damn !! i didnt realized it was that extreme O_O I mean i dont want to swim in one in the ocean. i just want to ride one. with out all the death and consequences ofcourse lol. looks pretty intense i think i might change my mind on the it looks pretty cool stuff


  • IncredibleTrollPower says:

    No mercy.

  • Bereqe says:

    @GrimSkey When I said that I suffer by black sense of humor too I was not talking about specifically the Tsunami tragedy in Asia… Although I admire the grandiosity of the natural phenomenons, I don’t feel excited with the consequences.

    You can’t swim on a tsunami. If it grabs you, you can’t even think. Just imagine yourself like a Lilliput citizen inside of a wash machine turned on and filled with water.


  • hotelhotel111 says:

    Indeed, the wave wasn’t that high in most of the places. But, it’s the power of the water. You can’t imagine how strong even a small wave can be.

  • brian445 says:

    @hotelhotel111 oh I dont know? COMMON FUCKING SENSE???

  • GeraldPakree says:

    This shits scary

  • MrNitro468 says:

    God bless every one of those people

  • GrimSkey says:


    Yes cuz you know me so well im probably the biggest dick in the world.. a bigger dick then osama and bigger dick then Hitler because my comment killed over 6 million people -____- all i said was that it looks like fun. people go sky diving bungee jumping even car racing and they die. but yet some how because i said it looks like fun im a huge appendage.. you tell me with out all the death and everything else that wouldn’t be fun if it was in a water park or something…

  • GrimSkey says:

    @Bereqe With out all the death and what not wouldn’t you want to swim on something like that. be honest.. like if it was a water park attraction in wild water kingdom?

  • Dessy909 says:

    @GrimSkey Well I’m afraid you do sound like, and in all probability are, a complete dick. Change your ways man.

  • purplica says:

    I learned about tsunamis in school acouple weeks ago I know how they form. They form from an earthquake in the ocean and it couses the water to move away from the ocean

  • Bereqe says:

    @GrimSkey On me, I forgive you. I suffer by black sense of humor sometimes.

  • iLuxurrryyy says:

    and sorry i you think its offense, but when you looked at all the waves , how it s possible that 230000 died, its sad :( cause the wave dont look high

  • iLuxurrryyy says:

    On the first clip, i thought the wave was like 20 meters high, here its even not 1 meter ….

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