Question by : Tornado!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I live in Calgary Which is in Alberta And The Wind Is 52km And i did hear sounds and we got Snowish hail things 7 Hours earlier And It Was Kinda Dark Tht time Ya Its Nite time Now I Heard A Veryy Scary sound Although there no Thunderstrom And Stuff.. And Does any one Now what to do when a tornado comes or signs of it Or If Calgary Might Get a Tornado??

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Answer by Nyree
When a tornado comes your spost to go in your bath tub with a bed over u not the frame or anythibg tho or you go to the bottom floor of the building and stay there but idk about the other questions

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  • Michael says:

    Get to lowest floor of your house.

  • silver says:

    Do it.

  • Supercell says:

    Tornadoes do not happen randomly. They have to come from a thunderstorm. Fast winds are not a tornado, though they can still be dangerous.

  • Cole says:

    I live in whitecourt (2 hours north of edmonton). That wasn’t a tornado. Chances of calgary getting a tornado in the summer are slim to none. The chances of getting a tornado in the winter are even less. If by fluke chance u do get a tornado, get to the lowest level of your home. In the basement go to an outside corner, If you don’t have a asment go to the most interior wall. If you live in an appartment suite that is not on the ground or basement floor go sit in the hall of the basement floor.

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