National Geographic – Witness Joplin Tornado (Documentary)

National Geographic – Witness Joplin Tornado (Documentary) On May 22, 2011, an EF-5 tornado struck Joplin, Missouri, a city of 50000 in the southwest corner…
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  • Thaulopi says:

    One thing is for sure, we as one people, no matter what defines us, will
    face more disasters like that; in such cases there is only one response to
    those in need: I help you brother | sister, I help you brother | sister
    animal no matter what the colour of your skin is or what you are, I help

  • GooglFascists says:

    A 1 1/2 kilometer swath? That’s almost a MILE WIDE.
    (Damned Globalist metric system MF’ers- reminds me
    of the days of JIMMY CARTER).

  • 5Danish says:

    I’m so thankful to god that I don’t live in a disaster zone. RIP to all the

  • THEtechknight says:

    Dont use the youtube shaky autocorrect. It makes it more nauseating. 

  • megaspasstprsentiert says:


  • TetraCurse says:

    Hell on earth….

  • Rabidchu says:

    To everyone who says these people are idiots for living in the path of
    these monsters; please stop. Odds are you’ve never been in the middle of a
    natural disaster, and that you don’t know what that does to your mind.
    Being in the presence of a tornado is like staring at a Lovecraftian
    horror. Many of these people are too poor or too steeped in tradition to
    not live there. That “trashy trailer” may be the only shelter they have, so
    don’t be an asshole. 

  • tim Lazenby says:

    I just don’t get human beings, why doesnt everyone have a shelter at their
    house?? It really wouldn’t cost that much, a largish hole in the ground,
    concrete lined and with a concrete top. Senseless death, its like they want
    to die?!! I mean why do people have to actually physically witness an
    event to realise how dangerous nature is. Daft!

  • LePengyTwice says:

    scary shit

  • BeigomaStudios053 says:

    why is the national geographic logo bugging out

  • cathyras says:

    ridiculous that people do not have basements and are so stupid to live in a
    mobile home. Tornadoes can strike anywhere but it is well known and well
    documented in “Tornado Alley” Have a shelter and have a plan make sure you
    have a 3 day supply of water and some food that does not need to be heated,
    flashlight, emergency radio, Better to be prepared and never have to use it
    than be sorry and wishing you took the time to gather a few items for your
    health and safety

  • Lisa Sulte says:

    People are idiots!! stop staring at the damn thing and find shelter!!!
    Probably would have less people dead…

  • Serhan Ogan says:

    The most touching piece of media I have ever watched in my life.
    There is nothing on earth that can bring this spirit to it’s knees.

  • elevatormaniac says:

    4:19 scary gay man. Not

  • nanlisa says:

    The Joplin, MO tornado hit the day after Harold Camping’s failed May 21
    rapture prediction

  • Yzzaj9999 says:

    And kilometers is what the rest of the world uses, so why not use it
    ourselves? Besides, it’s actually easier than the whole “fancy US way of
    doing things”

  • Fred Jones says:

    Yeah in-house a one thing the words can’t describe it yeah that was some
    storm you all had love you anyway have you ever need any help in there let
    me know how’s glad I’m not glad in it off help out with my blood and I know
    that one else but then we had a storm like this and like that but it
    wouldn’t anywhere anything alike work or dropping had but I’m not feeling
    my heart goes out tnow so happy to see Joplin came came here in Oklahoma
    City in also more to be is all of us were overjoyed

  • oreogirlforeva says:

    so sad…. to see idk what i would do prayers to the family

  • Emmanuel Klein says:

    only a retard complains about shaky footage shot in a hurricane with
    tornado’s around…

  • nuknuknuk111 says:

    hopefully the people who have live footage survived the storm

  • Sevi Tsakiris says:


  • TOBYROCKS321 says:


  • Definitequill9 says:

    When it says we detected your video may be shaky when you upload it, don’t
    say yeas because it looks like shit!

  • skate2own says:

    Tuscaloosa tornado was rated an EF4. With maximum winds of 190 mph.

  • Sarah P. says:

    Holy wobbly cameraman! Great documentary but the wobbly recording job was
    really bad…

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