Minnesota tornado! May 1, 2012

Storm chaser Bill Doms documented a brief but photogenic tornado in Pope county Minnesota on May 1, 2012. The parent mesocyclone went on to produce several other dust whirls from near Sedan, MN to north of Spring Hill, MN.

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  • tman383 says:

    Not even that xD That tornado was tiny xD

    EF – 0

  • QansasjayhawQ says:

    Yeah – I’d have to say that’s an EF -1 tornado there. Still nice video though.

  • TheWahidmoiz says:

    hi sorry that was my 8 year old son .he always worried about tornado .he didnt get the name of place and sent you the post . thanks for the replay any way .

  • ryckXattack says:

    Read the description… dude.

  • TheWahidmoiz says:

    where did it happen? which country city? please reply!!

  • KenjiMancini says:

    SO DID I! We’ve had so many Super-Cell storms lately!

  • Buzyy234 says:

    I Live In Minnesota And I Saw Weather Like That Last Night



  • thisissomeguy says:

    Adobe After Effects CS4-6

  • jjaguar707 says:

    Right, if it does not touch the ground, it is classified as a funnel, but you would need to see the ground below to determine if there was any rotation, if there is dirt rotating on the ground underneath the funnel, it is a tornado.

  • winterstellar says:

    I have only ever seen one tornado, but it stopped before it touched down, so then it’s maybe not even called a tornado? : )

  • skateboy159 says:

    haha i try to but i cant help myself =]

  • rockman0809 says:

    So, shut the hell up! lol j/k

  • MRPEGASO11 says:

    is impressive that would give me fear, I love what they share, but I would like to be there greetings, thank you very much

  • MRPEGASO11 says:


  • skateboy159 says:

    its funny how theres a fight on every youtube videos

  • Bubba Joe says:

    cool bich

  • joaolordofallsays says:

    how much space does it cover up?

  • awesomelps12 says:

    Theres been over 540 tornadoes in north america. ;o

  • sminmorph says:

    I know, right? I was in the one that hit North Minneapolis

  • knoose says:

    There never used to be so many tornadoes in MN….

  • scottmcf2011 says:

    If you notice in the description of this video it states that this storm went on and produce more dust swirls. Not tornados.

  • scottmcf2011 says:

    Ok, for th ose that would like to take the time to comment others and belittle them by being childish the so do it. I have training in storm spotting and also a chaser but you can’t call that a tornado till you either have a debris cloud on the ground or you can physically see the vortex touching the ground. Until then it is only a funnel. The second have of the video don’t even look like it came from the same storm. so you guys have your fun and be childish by saying I’m an idiot and what not.

  • SoundtrackToMyyLife says:

    Basically, what you’re proving is that you’re an idiot and you don’t realize the entire condensation funnel is sometimes not visible but still may be touching the ground. A gustnado isn’t produced by a rotating wall cloud and where the hell would a dust devil form in Minnesota?

  • blueseed11 says:


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