Mega Disasters: Tornado Alley

Mega Disasters: Tornado Alley

Their 300 mile-per-hour winds can reduce a building to kindling, and launch cars into the sky like leaves. When and where they will strike remains a mystery, and every year they cause billions of dollars of damage. Venture into the eye of the storm to examine nature s most destructive force. Learn about the twisters that literally scarred America, from the Natchez tornado of 1840 to the Plainfield disaster of 1990. Interviews with survivors, period accounts, and astonishing footage brings the sa

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  • Love to Shop says:

    Review by Love to Shop for Mega Disasters: Tornado Alley
    This show was exceptionally well done. Tasteful, informative and it sparked my interest on learning more about events such as the Tri State Tornado, which was just devastating and bizarre. The refreshing thing about this show is it took a break from the “tornado chaser” mentality and instead gave a graphic description with eye witness accounts, pictures and footage of some of the most catastrophic tornados to hit the U.S. since record keeping started.

  • Betty L. Wilkins says:

    Review by Betty L. Wilkins for Mega Disasters: Tornado Alley
    I remember seeing this on the History Channel and found it quite interesting. for those who enjoy weather beyond being a mere topic,These were the most recent hallmarks in Weather History and very well described and also shows how far we have come in weather research.

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