Amazing Kennedale, Texas tornado video!

On April 3, 2012, David Horner documented this destructive tornado in Kennedale, Texas from the southbound lane of US 287 just south of I-20. This tornado eventually grew to 1/4 mile in width, traveled into nearby Arlington and caused extensive damage; it was rated EF-2. Sign up now for Webisodes at!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

On April 14, 2012, storm chasers Dave Demko and Heidi Farrar documented multiple tornadoes in northern Oklahoma, near the towns of Cherokee and Manchester, including two simultaneous tornadoes from close range (click here for more video from the violent “drillbit” tornado found in this sequence — EXTREME wind velocities–likely well into the range associated with EF-5 damage–were responsible for the dramatic audible roar as the tornado moved within 100 yards of them). This same storm continued northeast into Kansas and produced several damaging tornadoes after dark, notably in south Wichita and at McConnel Air Force Base in Andover.

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  • PLAYRIDER13 says:

    lol im from germany and i can say nobody would drive anymore on the road xD
    but in texas so think are often

  • Rottensteam says:

    Just as crazy in Denmark as in london, sometimes we gets to see plastic bags flying around and some rimes when its real crazy, also leaves!!

  • POW22POW22 says:

    Did ahhh you guys see the tornado crossing sign??

  • StrangethingAngel says:

    In England we get plastic bags in the middle.

  • sarahyourock168 says:

    How the fuck are texans “EVIL” Im a texan. Its not our fault about the weather. I dont know what the fuck your on about man

  • TheWahidmoiz says:

    that is amazing

  • vigo894 says:

    Please, no religious debates. Even though I’m Catholic, I agree with you. He is a douche bag. I’m not evil.

  • Fe3R100 says:

    wow there should have been a sign “Caution tornados crossing” ^^

  • traemorgan18 says:

    jesus is fake. get a life douche bag

  • KUnitedF1 says:

    That was epic

  • troymeyer02 says:

    To close to whar I love

  • TorchPegasus9252 says:

    A tornado jumps over the highway!!!!

  • cflo1386 says:

    at 1:00 the moron is on the dedian then decides to start driving towards the Tornado and quickly sees all the debris only to pull over once again.

  • reddibacon says:

    Are you kidding me I just said. It’s not a tornado if it’s not touching the ground. Period. And that is beside the point because it is. Look at the wind and flying debris! If it causes a circulation of wind and debris, it’s a tornado. Trust me I study weather. There is NO SUCH THING as a “tornado not touching the ground”.

  • prototype434 says:

    Hey go to hell asshole

  • Rose Bud says:

    I know what a funnel cloud is. It’s a tornado that hasn’t touched the ground yet. To me, it just looks like it hasn’t touched the ground yet because of the looks of the wind and how it’s blowing.

  • reddibacon says:

    Not touching the ground? That makes no sense at all. How can a tornado that was doing damage and causing strong winds and destruction on AT GROUND LEVEL not be on the ground? If it causes wind on the ground, it’s a tornado. A tornado “not touching the ground” (there is no real such thing technically) would be called a funnel cloud. A circulation not touching the ground cannot produce damage or wind at ground level. I have heard people say this kind of thing before and can’t sense of it

  • Rose Bud says:

    Isn’t that like a tornado that just hasn’t touched the ground yet? Cuz that’s what it looks like.
    And some people in their cars are dumb cuz they are driving right up to it lol! :)

  • utubejennymac says:

    amazing footage

  • TheRanchero1975 says:

    Lord Jesus Christ please save my family and I from the wrath ,greed and lies of EVIL Texans.


  • ProChoiceJesus says:

    Perhaps, like me, something like; “As an educated tornado chaser, I can look at this tornado and tell it’s an EF1 or EF2, I can see it’s track & it’s moving pretty straight, I know from experience I can get right on the wind’s edge & not be in any danger, so I’m going to get this close because I want to and it’ll make for some great video.” Most, however, who lack this learning, stay away out of fear. In old age, most will wish they’d have taken a little more risk into adventure.

  • KirstenS662 says:

    i’m not really good with all this dangerous weather stuff so if you could, please answer this: why do the cars stop and not try to drive away from the tornado?

  • pierusa123 says:

    This one is much smaller than the Tornado Crosses Kansas Highway – YouTube.

  • thepowerfulnews says:

    Yet you still have fucking retards driving right through its path.

  • W3BZero says:

    awesome vid man!

  • VenomMusicRecords says:

    We had a tornado earlier! Ripped a couple of roof tiles off… that’s about as exciting as it gets here in England! Glad you’re safe guys, thanks for the footage!

  • GizaDog says:

    One reason you don’t bring a girl! They freak out!

  • boycie18 says:

    Same! But I live in the Uk… thats even worse!

  • Dvoracekmara says:

    Great capture

  • Tihem says:

    look it that… yes!

  • Rettungsliegerfan says:

    is the glass broken?

  • ballr4lyfe says:

    The girl is like “OOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGG” and Dave is just like “eh I’ve seen worse”

  • FevaFordaFlava says:

    Ever since watching Twister as a little kid I always wanted to be a storm chaser. Too bad I live in Chicago…haha

  • mariusz sienkiewicz says:


  • melaniejodrums says:


  • tyler bennett says:

    you guys have ball!

  • wadefulp says:

    Great job!

  • labanex says:


  • sierrdh says:

    One of the best tornado videos I have seen!!

  • fatherman73 says:

    Heidi: ‎”Are you reporting this?”
    Dave: “Yes”
    Heidi: “Ok. Dave, are you looking? Are you reporting it?”
    Dave: “Yes, I reported it”
    Heidi: “Did you report both of them?”
    Dave: “I reported two.”
    Heidi: “Watch the road.”
    Dave: “Ok”
    Heidi: “Are you watching the road?”
    Dave: “Yes”

    — Wow. Far more interesting than the tornado.

  • Stickmanzed says:

    @PeterPiemel Probably because they’re scared as fuck lol…

  • colmcq says:

    you almost had the most incredible footage I’ve ever seen. Almost. The autofocus killed it. Please get a good video camera. Canon MKii or Sony very good. You can control the zoom easier on these too!

  • utubegrape says:

    WHAT A PICKLE!!!!!!! The second Tornado roped out fast. It is amazing, mother nature!!!! Great job filming!

  • superfrieza3 says:

    an outbreak of tornadoes on camera, amazing !

  • keyznbreezin15 says:

    That video is amazing!! You guys did a great job!! Thank you for all of your reports and help keeping us all safe.
    :) weather is truly amazing!

  • PeterPiemel says:

    Great vid. But why all that OMG’s ?

  • 991Ronny says:

    Trust me you will know an EF5 when you see one.

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