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Lastest Cloud Types News

Understanding The Two Types Of Extroversion
In a new study in Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience, Erica Grodin and Tara White of Brown University provide what they say is the first evidence of a neurological footprint that can help explain the two different types of extroversion. By …
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Young workers seek balance, help, fun in St. Cloud area
Noble said the lack of entertainment negatively affects one of two types of young professionals she identifies in the area — the single ones. Whitney Bina, communications and workforce development coordinator at the Chamber, said sometimes it's not …
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Lastest New York Weather News

New York City: Milder Weather to Extend Into the New Week
After a cold and snowy start to March, the new week will feature an extended stretch of milder weather for New York City. The more typical March weather will allow people to get outdoors and some to catch up on shopping. In the wake of the recent …

NYC weather is warming up as winter-weary New Yorkers start to thaw
Winter is on the wane in New York City, which is in for warmer temps this week, with highs near 50 Monday and creeping to 55 on Wednesday, before settling down to highs in the 40s at the end of the week. What New Yorkers burned out by snow really want …
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New York Today: Happy 50 Degrees
“To be honest with you, this is just normal,” said David Wally, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. The typical high for this time of year is 47. The refreshingly normal weather continues, peaking on Wednesday, with a high of 53. A storm …
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Lastest Tsunami News

Many Of Oregon's Coastal Schools, Hospitals And Fire Stations At Tsunami Risk
The buildings are in the tsunami zone, meaning they'd likely be washed away in the event of a massive earthquake and tsunami. Seismologists say there's a 37 percent chance of a major quake along the West Coast in the next fifty years — the kind of …
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Trip Tips: Japan's coastal Miyako city puts tsunami behind it
Some of the most harrowing footage of the tsunami – a black wave carrying cars over a seawall, a fishing boat crushed beneath a bridge – was recorded in Miyako. More than 600 people died and 6,000 buildings were destroyed in the city. Hundreds still …
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Lastest Weather Observation News

World's tallest observation wheel falls short on riders
(AP Photo/David Becker, file). FILE – In this March 31, 2014 file photo, the Las Vegas High Roller at The LINQ begins to operate in Las Vegas. The High Roller observation wheel towering behind the Las Vegas Strip may be hard to miss but apparently plen.
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Climendo App puts 10000 weather observation stations at the palm of your hand
If you've watched or heard a weather forecast in your life, that sentence seems familiar and oddly comforting considering how little detailed information it contains. All it says is you might want to carry an umbrella, and may or may not need one …
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Lastest Tsunami News

Prince William Gets Close Look at Tsunami Disaster in Japan
When the tsunami hit, Sekiguchi fled to a nearby junior high school and waited for a week, feeling miserable, not even knowing whether her husband, a schoolteacher, had survived. When he finally came to find her, she was so overjoyed she just cried and …
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Ancient tsunami shaped Mexico's luxury coast
A giant tsunami may have hammered the eastern coastline of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula between 1,500 and 900 years ago, in an area now home to a number of lavish resort communities and villages inhabited by some 1.4 million people. A new study …
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Lastest Severe Weather News

Preparing for severe weather
The worst severe weather tends to happen during the period of March through June. But Leavenworth County Emergency Management Deputy Director Kim Buchanan said severe weather can strike any month of the year. Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback has …
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Possible severe weather museum coming to Tulsa
What originally started as a gag, quickly turned into a skyscraper unlike any other. With a purported height of 20 to 30 stories, its designed purpose is to be a severe weather museum. But Kinslow says since the tower is just a concept with no specific …

Tomblin issues statewide State of Preparedness for severe weather
CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin urged all West Virginians to stay safe during the potential severe weather by issuing a statewide “State of Preparedness” Tuesday and by mobilizing state resources. The National Weather Service called for …
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Lastest Weather Data News

Coldest Month Ever: Northeast Bids a Bitter Goodbye to February
The forecast low for Sunday is 15 in New York, 2 in Buffalo and an even zero in Albany, New York. "I know you're totally sick of hearing about the cold," Ari Salsalari, a meteorologist for The Weather Channel, said Friday before delivering more bad news.

Why is it colder in James Bay? Schools collect the data
The huge amount of data collected so far has helped confirm some long-held assumptions about weather, Wiebe said, such as James Bay and Fairfield being significantly colder at times than the rest of Greater Victoria. “Everybody seems to know it but …
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'Fiddling' With Temperature Data Doesn't Change The Global Warming Trend
At the first seminar I presented about our attempts to identify the biases in Australian weather data, one colleague told me I was wasting my time. He reckoned that the raw weather data were sufficiently accurate for any possible use people might make …
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Lastest Ocean Data News

Your Canned Tuna Has a Dirty Secret
'Dolphin safe' doesn't necessarily mean 'ocean safe,' ” he said. “There are other species, including the tuna themselves, along with sea birds, turtles, and sharks, that given the scale of this fishery are caught and severely damaged by this industry.”.
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Modi Tours Indian Ocean to Keep China and its Submarines at Bay
China over the past decade has strengthened economic ties with Indian Ocean countries, and in 2013 was the second-largest trading partner to Sri Lanka and Mauritius behind India, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. In Sri Lanka, China's share of …
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Can Better Data Help Save the Oceans? This Big Foundation Thinks So
Data and oceans are two of the biggest topics in philanthropy these days, and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation is a leader in both. One of its latest grants targets the intersection of the two, just off the Mid-Atlantic coast. The foundation …
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Good Weather Forecast Xnoizz Flevo Festival 2011 012
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