Q&A: how do you read a surf report?

Question by Ken F: how do you read a surf report?
theres alot of slang and jargon in a surf report…what are the most common terms and what do they mean?

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Answer by campaholicone2000
Check this site out, should help:


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  • MrBuzz says:

    the swell refers o the height of the… swells i the water. a bigger sweel potentialy means bigger waves.

    though you have to look at other factors.
    -swell direction: make sure its coming towards the beach in question. for examle a large headland which is in the way of the swell can block the energy from getting to the beach.
    -period: this is the time between swells. 12-13 seconds is the ideal.
    -wind: no wind is best. but if there is wind, blowing offshore is better than blowing onshore

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