Couch Surfing Report – BBC News

Report by Howard Johnson & Jack Garland on couch surfing in Japan and London For more about the reporter please visit: Twitter:

JP Mothes and his Daily Surf Report team bring you some highlights from Day 2 of the Rip Curl Pro Portugal.
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26 Responses to “Couch Surfing Report – BBC News”

  • jcivan1 says:

    you posted this 2 years ago so you should be 18 by now? have you joined?

  • kokowawa337 says:


  • johnsmithalready says:

    The only way government can acquire more data for free! Cool.

  • MsH1h1h1h1 says:

    more bugs travelliing too

  • mizzbahamas88 says:

    how dangerous is there???

  • sadhubeast says:

    BBC has not covered the evil’s of couch surfing. Sorry to burst your bubble you idiots, CS people have been using CS for free stay and as a sex search engine.

  • PVBoarding says:


  • strengthundefeatable says:

    An amazing idea! Loveit! Let me know if anyone comes to Chiang Mai.. i gotta couch :)

  • GoGipInc says:

    So that was to years ago, and now you’re probably 18. have you been murdered yet?

  • jarridtstube says:

    oh really, thats a bit shit of them! oh well my experiances form couchsurfing have been too valuble to stop because of that, as long as the people i meet through the site haven’t lost their soul i’ll still use it

  • ellof says:

    you don’t know facts. Couchsurfing needed money in order to move the legal office from New Hampshire to other place with better legislation. But Casey Fenton and his friends have squandered donations withy exotic travels and bad admnistration. One possible solution was to ask the community to save the site with free donations (ultimately, couchsurfing is propriety of the couchsurfers…). they choose the easiest way: become millionaire! not a staff…

  • jarridtstube says:

    calm down dude, as the site becomes more popular it needs more staff to operate and filter the site. if you read the email it said the site was not classed as ‘not for profit’ organization by the US gov so they were not entitled to gov support. donations are not enough if it wasn’t for the corporation there could very well be no couchsurfing. and if you stop couchsurfing because of that i think its you that has lost your soul

  • ellof says:

    why CouchSurfing lost his soul:

    a) volounteers donated much work and money in order to support a non-profit organization, not a buisness corporation;

    b) WikiTravel pages and CS travel pages (probably the most ample touristic guide in the world) will be valuable, now, that the site has a price tag;

    c) Now couchsurfing will generate a revenue. Me, my house, the people that i host are buisness.;

    d) Personal infos are now avaible for commercial purposal

  • unapolakita says:

    I really hate how the video presents couchsurfing as a free accomodation… :( IT”S NOT THAT! It’s about meeting people, and I give you my word, meeting another person is worth much more than one night stay!

  • kelaren says:

    I think an awful lot of people are crippled with fear. The world is a much nicer place than you think. Let go a bit and try things. Enter into the unknown as much as you can.

    In the end, you regret the things you DIDN’T do in life, not the things you did.

    End of rant.

  • kelaren says:

    Superb. For a second I thought the BBC news was going to tell a big scare story. Phew.

  • TheMarinadehaan says:

    Great idea for my clients: women who travel solo. It seems a very good way to meet people and hang out with friends and meet the real local culture. Thanks for your video!

  • guitarfreaky1996 says:

    well you’re 18 now.. how about it?

  • Dreamydre15 says:

    Of course, and I wouldn’t couch surf to their home if I was worried.

  • crazyjorge2111 says:

    Yeah but if you were taking someone in with a new account wouldn’t you be a little worried?

  • Dreamydre15 says:

    It’s pretty safe, and as long as you use some common sense it should be very safe. Create an account and view someone’s profile and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Don’t knock it till you try it.

  • TexasNova says:

    Laundry/food & shower? I’m kinda torn on this one. The house guest may be kind enough to let an individual into their home but what bout the visitor? Dam here in America hell there are Facebook stalkers that will hurt you. Sorry I don’t have that level of trust to bring a complete stranger into my home with my family.

  • bragtern says:

    @itchyjaja to say generalize and say that couchsurfers are white western scumbags is as ignorant as your comment can get. The concept of couch surfing is not about giving a bed to the needed, it’s about meeting foreign people, learning about cultures, sharing experiences and in all making new friends around the globe.
    I’m grateful for those who have donated to the site, but the fact that you HOST or SURF someone’s couch is as much a donation and a contribution to the CS project.

  • IvyHrom says:

    what is couchsurfing REALLY about…?

  • MrToadMaster says:

    Try couchsurfing!  I know many people who say it changed their lives.

  • cbass3789 says:

    wow. so so sick

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