what should i do during a severe weather watch!!!!!!!???????????

severe weather
by ep_jhu

Question by jazmine60: what should i do during a severe weather watch!!!!!!!???????????
okay today.on the weather.in my place at prince george virginia.it said a t-storm that is isolated in some parts will become sever.and some hail and isolated tornadoes.what should i do!?im scared!i’m super scared.im terrified!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please i need help asap!!!tell me how to take cover.and p[lease tell me how to keep safe!!!!!1
well,i’m still scraed!!I GET SCRAED VERY EASILY.and we r under a watch!!i take these storms very seriously!!plus our watch expires at 9:00p.m. and i’m still scared.i just want 2 say this.if i die.i like this website.and if you want to go on my page.my username is jazmine60.and my password is yourfired.and have you ever heard of a person thomaspimp?look him up!tell him i love him.if you don’t hear from me for more than 2 days.
also what if it comes at night?!how can i tell a tornado then?!
okay,i’m watching the computer right now.now it says we are under tornado watch until 9:00p.m. can someone tell me or give me advice.i’m about to make suicidide.cause i’m so scared.i’m thinking about sufercating or drowning myself.but i’ll pray first.I need God and Jesus right now.this is not a game!!!i’m talking real life people!!!!!!!!!!
i’m not choosing best answers.i like all the answers!!!right now.i’m staying calm.i have a 2story house.and i don’t have a basement.but i wish i did.or at least underground.anyway,i have a intoiral room.however you spell it.i only have a bathroom wich is in the back where the kitchen is.and there is a laundry room beside it.both of them have doors.but they have seperate doors.and we don’t have tornado sirens in virginia.cause its unexpected to have tornadoes in virginia.anyway,if there is a tornado(i hope not)my family and pets get in that room.with a table.and cushions on top of it.and on the sides.whlie we are under it.and thats all i have 2 say

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Answer by ♥Melly♥
Get prepared. Get your supplies in your basement/cellar. It’s best to be safe :D

Hope your state is ok :D

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  • Stephhh=] says:

    okay , when it starts, go in the basement with the door closed.

    and shut off all the lights upstairs. and just chill.

  • Andrea P says:

    A watch is that it means something might happen. But a warning is what you should be worried about. When there is a warning is when you should take cover.

  • Mike D says:

    Stay in side. Get in the hallway or in the bathtub if there are tornadoes!!!

  • wshao55 says:

    go to a bathroom or the basement or lay down and have something like a blanket to cover you.

  • MonkeysPaw says:

    Sit in the bath tub! If theyre are tornadoes near you i would go in the bat tub, i think most towns back east have a siren that sounds when tornadoes are near. When I was in Kentucky at my grandmas awhile back there was a tornadoe warning but no one seemed to care. I think they have some sort of warning syustem if it is near.

  • jess says:

    you’ll probly be fine…relax please
    i live in maryland nd we have gotten a few tornado warnings nd stuff but its fine, chances are nothin will happen.
    stay in your basement if you have one if not you can stay in your bathroom, maybe even a closet. you will be fine as long as u stay inside of coruse. also i no this sounds dumb but play a game if you have others over, read a book/ magazine, something to keep you from being scared

  • rainbow.dither says:

    Calm down, okay? Staying calm, cool, and collect is important.

    A weather watch is just a chance, so there’s a very good possibility that it won’t affect you. If it would make you feel better you could take some things like non-perishable food, water, flashlights, etc. into your basement.

    Until it becomes a warning and tornado sirens start, though, you might as well just calm down. Watch TV, listen to music, watch people be idiots on Youtube?

  • angelia says:

    well listen for the sound of a freight train. but follow these steps
    1-gather materials. ex-food, water, a pillow and blankets, clothes, and aanything else.
    2-put them in the basement
    3-get any pets and put them down there too
    4-watch tv[weather] and see for any warnings.
    5-dont freak out

    there prob wont be anything beings its just a warning
    if there is a tornado, then just get into a doorway. and watch out for flying debris!!
    6-if there are any things, go straight to the basement
    7-keep safe

  • disneydiva says:

    First of all don’t panic. Most of the time when a severe warning is issued it usually ends up just being a lot of rain, a little wind, and light hail, if that. The big worry is usually cloud to ground lightning and as long as you are inside away from windows you will be fine.
    You can always go to your local newsstation website or weather.com to monitor the storms yourself. Many times a warning can be issued for your county but may not be in your area.
    If you see a storm coming your way, just listen for the specifics of the storm. If there is a high wind potential just go to your basement or a low lying interior area of your house untill the storm passes.

  • Ahamed A says:

    Here are Examples

    Severe Local Storm

    A convective storm that usually covers a relatively small geographic area, or moves in a narrow path, and is sufficiently intense to threaten life and/or property. Examples include severe thunderstorms with large hail, damaging wind, or tornadoes. Although cloud-to-ground lightning is not a criteria for severe local storms, it is acknowledged to be highly dangerous and a leading cause of deaths, injuries, and damage from thunderstorms. A thunderstorm need not be severe to generate frequent cloud-to-ground lightning. Additionally, excessive localized convective rains are not classified as severe storms but often are the product of severe local storms. Such rainfall may result in related phenomena (flash floods) that threaten life and property.

    Severe Local Storm Watch

    An alert issued by the National Weather Service for the contiguous U.S. and its adjacent waters of the potential for severe thunderstorms or tornadoes

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