Severe weather?

Question by : Severe weather?
Why, even though some serious weather can cause catastrophe do some of us love it so much? I.e, “wow, id love to see a tornado.” No matter of the consequences.

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Answer by Jackie H
Being and seeing part of history.

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  • SS says:

    Well I think you may be a bit lonely with the “no matter of the consequences.” But I think it has to do with the sheer power of mother nature, and the not understanding part of it. There has been so much info that has been found out about tornadoes in the last decade, but we still don’t know everything. Not to mention a tornado has the fastest winds on earth. It’s also amazing how a tornado can demolish one house, and leave the neighbor not damaged at all. Maybe also because it’s more powerful than us and we can’t control it? I don’t know…but severe weather is awefully amazing.

  • Pole Kitten says:

    Now I’m a natural disaster addict so I’m a little bias on this one! I love disaster movies, documentaries, history programs anything you can think of, I even studied geology and geophysics and I’m looking at doing a masters in natural hazards.

    For me I just find the power fascinating. Man can try and has tried numerous times to stop nature and yet it continues to baffle us. I agree that tornados are fascinating as they have such localised power yet I also find the emense size of their big sisters hurricanes and I think that it’s a big like looking up at an oak tree and thinking wow, that’s big, then looking up a bit higher and seeing a redwood and just the size of it just stops your breathe. How can you stop something that’s half the size of the USA and rotating at hundreds of miles and hour?!

    For anyone like me who wants to get closer I also think it’s the danger, to be able to feel the force of nature but not only that but to face it head on and survive. If you don’t survive you just lost the game. We just see it as a huge game that’s completely out of man’s control. A bit like beating God at a game of chess I guess!

  • Aspasia says:

    Personally I have a fascination with the structure, appearance, and dynamics of an intense thunderstorm. I think storms are beautiful to to the eye and in photographs. I happen to have a nice severe weather calender on the wall right now. People are curious and they just want to know how it all works. Sometimes the best way to learn now thunderstorms “work” is to watch one, with safety of self and others in mind, of course.
    Mother Nature proves to be bigger than man, and is something that man cannot control. Severe weather, such as thunderstorms, are bigger, powerful,and uncontrollable, so why not step back in fascination and learn something about it!
    However, I would never consider doing anything unsafe or irresponsible. I usually stay under cover on my deck, as I am not a storm chaser. I have attended some skywarn courses, and I do research on my own time, usually on the web.

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