Monster storms (Supercell) – Severe weather HD

Photos of the most powerful thunderstorms on the planet. Mostly there are supercell thunderstorms. ALL PHOTOS BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS !!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Monster storms (Supercell) – Severe weather HD”

  • journeystarr says:

    Mother Nature is beautiful

  • schaapje666 says:

    Please tell me more, about how everything is haarp related

  • organisten says:

    Nope. Thought so – circular reasoning. Your “answer” simply evades my first
    question, or more accurately modifies it. You say you don’t expect God to
    make things perfect. Ok. But you expect Him to tidy things up for you. So
    back to my first point: why do you ascribe to God the job of putting things
    right in your world? As for logic and religion being incompatible, we are
    not talking about religion; we are examining YOUR ability to answer what is
    put to you in a logical manner. So far you fail.

  • Kara Tombino says:

    These are completely normal storms…they happen every year around the
    world, especially in the U.S. and it has nothing to do with anyone being
    evil. We get storms like these ALL OF THE TIME in florida.

  • nicholas82451 says:

    On 2:11 There’s an Aligator on the right but reducing

  • punishedexistence says:

    All fake and all gay. Hahaha I’m kidding!! Those are some awesome shots!
    Scary but beautiful.

  • sharkybrown109 says:

    IT’s 2012, the end is near humans. Down on your knees and repent.

  • Jacey Wright says:

    the reason we have these violent storms is because god is angry with us

  • organisten says:

    In the most unlikely event that you are able to craft an argument in those
    hours, I shall return from work in a few hours (lest you think I dodge
    replying). You are now guilty of contradicting yourself: you have already
    said you don’t believe in God’s existence, and now you speak of what He
    claims. By the way the Bible a is not a book of *rules*, and if you
    misunderstand that, how can you understand any claim that God loves you?
    Please answer the original question before you answer that!

  • asflis says:

    New video on my channel, titled “Heroes of tornado alley”. Check it out. :)

  • asflis says:

    Its a tornadic Supercell in the alley. Nothing to do with Katrina, or any
    other hurricane. :) According to my information that is. :)

  • Alan Tk says:

    I’m a Christian too. I love God. I have faith. I know about the disasters
    written in the Revelation. But PLEASE keep Religion to yourself. Soon there
    will be Hindus and Buddhists and then every other religion going to post
    things here… Just pray and serve your religion, or just STAY
    Agnostic/Atheist. PLZZZZ? And btw, I personally think God sends storms this
    powerful to punish the sins of people, but let’s not make all the comments
    about religion TYVM

  • Justin Post says:

    I ment national drought even more!!

  • utsr07 says:

    It’s about how people respond to that suffering. Hebrews 12:6 – “because
    the Lord disciplines the one he loves, and he chastens everyone he accepts
    as his son.” When you suffer you can do one of these two things – either
    blame God and be angry at him or you can humble yourself and put your trust
    in him. Suffering should be a humbling experience where you realize that
    you need God, and not one that makes you angry at him. Those who are humble
    and desire not the world r more likely to love God.

  • asflis says:

    Well, I can be/am with god and I don’t have to/want to shove my believes
    down your throat ;)

  • bobzilla441 says:

    0:22 Alligator ._.

  • utsr07 says:

    His testing us is never a game. It filters out the true believer from the
    ones who merely appear to be believers, as well as the rest of the people
    in the world. The true believer will glorify God all the more and through
    this others will see their faith and also give glory to God. Christ
    suffered hardship, persecution, and the cross. If we are to be saved we are
    to be followers of Christ. And try to live by his example.

  • bob kalahari says:


  • C4TheWar says:

    0:14 looks like a friggin UFO

  • Blastoisiken says:

    2:12 Is the same storm as 0:22 :D

  • Laura Keeping says:

    I agree, so many people die …Like the edmonton tornado,lots of families
    were injured..So far no deaths, but i agree with you STORM R EPIC :D

  • PR100% D♥ says:

    0:46 H.A.A.R.P in effect …

  • asflis says:

    Well you just said that he is more powerful than those storms, so that
    means stronger than nature. So my question still stands.

  • bilawal narai says:

    its mouth of Crocodile x)

  • paul williams says:

    most beautiful storms

  • Shepard Ambellas says:

    Planet X passing, LOL.

  • Myaucat says:

    people shouldn’t forget that BP fucked up the ocean and the jet stream not
    too long ago. they’ve just fucked the planet even more than we’ve already
    been fucking it for so long. dunno what people expect when we keep fucking
    with the planet. not shocked in the least bit. we’re insane if we think
    by doing the same thing over and over again, there will be different

  • Batman83 says:

    HAARP!!! Am I the first to write that??

  • BlocKustomz says:

    Scientists have been hinting to this for years… years and years… dont
    worry.. fox news has been doing great reporting on this.. it’s still
    snowing so climate change what, huh, look at the bird over there…!

  • Areopagitican says:

    Wake up climate deniers.

  • maxxmann1972 says:

    So….should we expect the Hollywood owned Weather Channel to name rain
    storms this spring….or how about those sunny days, can we play that
    dreadful dreary background music when the 7 day forecast shows 7 days of
    SUNSHINE…., I 100% understand why DirectTV dropped that channel, and I
    say kudos….and I also say if they do the same for the other doom n’
    gloom, lying, propagandized, bullshit networks they can look forward to
    having me as a customer….gonna need something, bcause I WILL be dropping
    this new Comcast/TWC baloney in about a month…

  • Mike Knox says:

    maybe they went overboard on the SRM last year?

  • Theo Lauren Simón says:

    Smh. Haarp. Barium in the sky. Pollution. People are idiots. Maybe
    collectively we deserve this. 

  • Mojokuku says:

    We got well over a foot of snow on the ground here in northern Missouri.
    Personally I’m glad despite the cold because we need to precipitation
    because of drought over the last few years which has been drying out our
    lakes and streams that are used to feed our water supply.

  • MOXNEWSd0tC0M says:
  • captquest1 says:

    It’s probably my fault, I’ve been driving a lot more lately. 

  • Dj NDAA says:

    i’ll take a big mac and a side of chem trails 

  • Charmain LaReau says:

    uh Haarp Chem trails nuclear testing and the fact that we are about due for
    another ice age has nothing to do with it at all

  • conaghy says:

    “Man-made climate change” is an understatement.

  • Meta Patriot says:

    Fukushima Isotopes + chemtrails + HAARP = The Day After Tomorrow

  • ClutchFan1971 says:

    This whole climate change (formerly Global Warming) thing is such a scam.
    If it’s hot they are right, if it’s cold they are right. They say pay no
    attention to singular events in one breath, but any time a disaster like
    Katrina or the floods in England happen, they all howl about climate
    change. The whole thing is a money making scam and an important step in
    their globalist agenda. People need to follow the money.

  • streuthmonkey1 says:

    Fact: If the Arctic warms up faster than lower latitudes the Jet Stream
    will get less powerful, not more. The Jet Stream’s power comes from the
    temperature differential. At the moment this differential is large due to
    the Arctic being so cold which is cooling much of North America. Too say
    climate change will make things worse is disingenuous at best. There is no
    evidence this series of storms is linked to climate change and no evidence
    that global warming can cause the jet stream to get stuck in the way it has
    this winter.

  • ✰ Truther ✰ says:

    A mini Ice age would make allot of money for the gas industry

  • Tony Snodgrass says:


  • scottishbadboy1 says:

    Blue skies in scotland and the ski slopes are jumping with tourists

  • The Anonymous Patriot says:

    Angels don’t play that HAARP
    *NOTE* how the jetstream pushes south *away* from Alaska?
    Coincidence? Not likely

  • Tina Kauffman says:

    Don’t forget the earthquakes too! Because they are more frequent as well

  • Mina Loi says:

    They say jet stream like they’re talking about a hot tub.

  • oicub2 says:

    stupid fuckin climate change is stuck again

  • Cory Tabino says:

    OMG WHITE PEOPLE are experiencing bad weather! Whatever are we to DO!??!

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